Sunday, May 1, 2011

How I spent my Birthday

Happy Birthday to me! I'm 36 today, though I don't feel much older, just a lot less tolerant. I spent the day with my Boyz.

So, a funny thing happened on the way to building a house. As overdo as we are, Eric spends every waking moment on the weekends working on the house. This weekend the dry walling got mostly finished, and Eric was able to start Priming. He taped up yesterday, and pulled an all nighter (hello, are we still in college?) doing the priming.

This is who came home to me at 11. He even has primer in his eyelashes! He got the whole house done, but missed half my birthday. We spent a little time going to Menard's talking about colors and stuff; next weekend's paint fest is going to be a lot of fun!

And he did get me a ticket to see Glee in concert next month with my friend Amy. :)

Meanwhile the younger boys were in rare form. Mostly Chris got off to a bad start by waking up early and being really angry that I was not Daddy. And he wasn't interested in giving me the one present I wanted: 2 Sweet Boys. Nope. He was saying mean things, like I don't like you, I don't want to ______ (fill in the blank with any suggestion a mother might make). There were a couple tantrums, and a timeouts, even one at church. Though his teacher didn't call it that, she just put him in lockdown on her lap aside from the group. I explained that's a timeout, and you don't act like a clown in church, or in sunday school. Chris is having a hard time understanding that being funny is funny once, but not over and over and over again, especially when he has an audience in Sam who is always willing to laugh or let him make faces, or repeat the same bad behavior. So, even after naps, they still were at it again, causing us to cancel our birthday dinner plans. As my sweet MIL says, "Well, you'll just have to schedule for another night, and celebrate your birthday all week long." That's a much better way to look at it. They'll eventually want to celebrate me, make me a card, flowers, sing to me, or something, anything is better than yelling at me or hitting me...or each other.

But then, for a blissful moment, they'd smile, or giggle together at the same time, and all the stress and sorrow would melt away. For one Blessed second.

And sometimes, one blissful blessed second is all I need to lessen the pain of the previous one. And you know what? Even with all the meanness, and the tantrums, and screaming, and whatnot, those sweet giggly moments, just after they woke up, those are the high point of my day. And those are how I'm going to say I spent my birthday, just hanging out with my boyz, because even when they make me crazy, I'd rather be driven crazy by my kids than just be without them. Any Day.


Yasher said...

I've had days like this! Well, minus the fella covered in primer! LOL

Hoping it's a great year! :)