Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sweetboys on the go

Where did the week go? All of a sudden it's June! I am not usually one for doing a whole week in review, but I've got to this week. One day we're in the throws of recovery, Chris in my lap not wanting to move, and the next he wants to Go Go Go, and not look back. We're having decent luck with flushes, but still he's managed to get constipated. But he's not letting surgery keep him down. We were able to get together with some friends earlier in the week, and on Wednesday joined them again for a Mom2Mom trip to the park.

I dressed them in their sunhats because it was the first time all season we'd been out in the summer sun to play. And it felt Great. Sam was a stitch in his sunhat.

And Chris was the best superhero pirate astronaut that Blastoff park had ever seen.

No one could even tell he'd just had surgery a week before. He was running wild just like everybody else. Check this out, this crazy kid on the tire swing, not letting anything keep him down. I put him in overalls, so playing wouldn't interfere with his tube. But he still managed to lose the cap for his tube, and get poo all over the inside of himself...but he had fun.

Apparently the park, a shower, and a nap won't keep a boy quiet in the evening. We took the boys over to the new house, and they took off running in circles around the first floor and laughing. They were having a great time, we all can't wait to move in!

Thursday, we met our friend Juli at the zoo for our first serious big adventure. This was the first time we'd met a character there, but Chris was thrilled to go up and give Whiskers the Walrus a hug.

The zoo updated the tiger exhibit, so now we can get a full body better view. Zowie those cats are big. But obviously working hard on getting ready to sleep, not eating Sweetboys.

Bringing our friend Juli with us was a great gift, they actually tolerated me going through the orchid exhibit, and sat almost still for me to take a few pictures. She and I made a good photog team, not afraid to jump up and down and make fools of ourselves. :)

And the boys had so much fun with her. They checkout the lilypads, trying to catch the geese and find Mr. Frog.

We thought we'd let the kids run through the gardens...but Sam's pants were falling down, and Chris was starting to have some pain again. Sam was hysterical with his pants, they'd fall down and he'd yell, "DIP! My Dip!"

Sweetboys spot a train.

I always love a picture of the boys and I in the gardens, by the tulips. We missed the tulip season for rain this year, but they still had some gorgeous blooms. And Juli helped get a great picture of the three of us.

When we were at the zoo, we thought we might bump into our friends the Taylors, who were there at the same time. Only we didn't see them. So as soon as woke up from his post-zoo nap, he was bugging me to see them. Luckily, we were able to go for a visit yesterday. Probably our most relaxing and successful playdate yet, there were no tube explosions, no fights, and the kids had fun. Chris immediately dressed up as Batman and joined Duncan in watching The Incredibles. He's all about the superheroes this week, probably because he is one.

Today was a big day, it was the first day of Swim classes. Chris can't swim yet, so he was content to wait by while Sam and I hit the water. The boys loved checking out the pool before class began. It was Cold. Very Cold. But refreshing.

I told Chris if he could be good and sit still during class, stay put with us, take pictures with his camera, then I had a surprise for him after swim class. Amazingly, he sat still, in the shade under the lifeguard's chair. So I surprised him with a trip to Chick Fil-A. We met Aunt Lisa, Annie and Charlie there. Unfortunately, the kids took off playing, and this pic I got of Chris, Annie, and Sam playing, Annie is blocked by reflective light. Not so proud to say that Sam made it up to the top later, probably with the help of Annie and Chris, for the first time, and got stuck. And Chris punched a kid in the stomach so we were out of there. Not a long visit, but it's always great to see my neices.

The boys spotted a duck couple in the front yard and went off to chase them when we came home. So they went on the chase.

And now we're off to see what else the day will bring.