Monday, May 9, 2011

A weekend Paint Fest

I can't believe how much progress was made painting our new house this weekend. I'm so Blessed. Words don't even apply. So we'll go with pictures. ;)

1. Check this out, by Saturday morning, Eric, Dad, and our friends Mike and Jason, had gotten first coats on everything on the first floor. The dining room and piano room, you'll recall got a lovely coat of gray primer before the boys loaded up the red. This pic is standing in the dining room, looking through the piano room, foyer, and into the living room. Saweet!

2. They got a first coat of our base tan, we've been calling it vanilla latte, or carmel latte, or one of my personal favorite starbucks beverages: carmel white mocha. Whatever you call it, it's a yummy beverage, and they got the first floor of the foyer coated.

3. By the time I stopped by Saturday night, they had the foyer first coat entirely done and one coat of trim. Woodang!

4. I should probably indicate who 'They' is; On Saturday we had our friends from college the Burtons, the entire clan Scott, who is seen here getting serious starting painting the kids bathroom. Joined by his wife Caryn and the boys Steven and Sean, our friend Jason (our neighbor and chiropractor!)was crazy enough to come back for a bit more, and my childhood friend Maria, we had a lot of sweet painting friends.

5. Sam wasn't too excited about his room. Though maybe he was just weirded out by all the noise and color and paint fumes, lots of fun going on while the boys and I were missing out. Officially it's the Toy Room, but we let Sam pick this color (he loves playing bumblebee car game, his new favorite color is yellow, can you tell?) just in case being roomies with big brother doesn't work out, then Sam has his own special yellow room. Official party line is big brother picked the first room, we let Sam pick the other. It's so happy, I don't think anyone could be sad in that room.

6. As excited as we were, nothing matched Chris's excitement as seeing his room in the blue color he specifically picked, "It's the same blue as Superman's super suit!"

7. This bit of gorgeousness is going to be our Master Bedroom, with a kind of blush colored bathroom (kind of a cream with hints of pink and tan, very subtle). I was surprised at how dark yet bright it turned out, almost robin's egg blue. Again, not what I was expecting, but I like it. A lot.

8. Sunday morning, Eric and I got some alone time in the house, I worked on trim in the kitchen (which may end up being one of my favorite rooms ;) ) and Eric took to trimming the hallway and stairway.

9. Suddenly, to what should my wondering eyes should appear, but TWO WILLMAN COUSINS, but no tiny reindeer. Cousin Heather leapt to the task of trimming the boys bathroom. The color was so her, really matched her eyes. Can't you just hear, 'Under the Sea' playing in the background?

10. And cousin Holly decided the bright yellow Toy Room was where she needed to be, working in this happy place. Turns out both cousins had "Paint Something" on their 30 by 30 lists...and we were happy to oblige them crossing these off the list.

After I pooped out (and the camera), we still had a couple friends pop by in the evening the Matts, two friends from church, and they were super helpful too. Really I Thank God for all the help we received this weekend. We couldn't have done it with out you. We're not done yet, but the end is in sight.

Only 10 gallons of paint remain, some second coats on the trim, a third coat may be needed on the Butler room, and Chris's room, and to finish the second coat of warm beverage throughout the upstairs. So exciting!