Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

So last night, I was bringing the boys by for one quick glance at all the painting progress before bed, I'd thrown my hip out and didn't think I was going to be making it over today, when Eric told me he was working on my Mother's Day present.

Imagine my surprise when I saw this lovely chandelier hanging above the scaffolding in the foyer! Even in the rain, you can still see some of the different colors of the rooms going in. :)

And after good drugs and a long night's sleep, I felt much better today. My chandelier even lovelier in the morning light. I took my cuppa coffee over to the house, alone, and looked out my back porch before I got serious. Painting. My turn. My wonderful mother in law took the boys to church and lunch, and I was able to finally spend some time working on "My House". This is the first work I've been able to do on it. I was so glad to be able to finally help out. Even better that I could do so with peace of mind that the boys were being loved on sufficiently. I tried not to overdo it, because my back and hip were so on edge from the night before, but I was at least able to help some. Love this kitchen!

And then I was sore. And done. And so were the boys, so I went and got them, and then we all napped. And luckily enough, by the time the boys woke up (at nearly 6!) Eric was surrenduring for the evening too. So he came home, and we all decorated our own pizza crusts for dinner. Chris told me a while back he wanted to make his own pizza, and I found mini-boboli at the store last week, just the right size for boys to make their own pizzas.

So we curled up for a family movie, Chris chose the original Superman movie with Christopher Reeve, which was a great choice. I took advantage of pointing out how much Superman loves his Mommy! ;)

I just want to take a moment to wish a Happy Mother's Day to all of you my friends who are mothers, or hope to be mothers. And even when they make us crazy, they certainly can drive me crazy, I still love them more than my own life. And I don't cherish this gift any more or less because there are problems, moreso even, because they are such great miracles. Here I am tonight, having pizza with my own little miracles. Here I am as a witness, all those prayers for miracles, keep praying, and I'll keep praying too, miracles do happen. At any time, you never know when it's going to happen but He does, God plops something wondrous in your laps.


Elizabeth said...

What a beautiful chandelier! And what cute boys! :) Happy Mother's Day!