Saturday, May 7, 2011

Right Now

Right now I'm trying to keep it together. So much going on around here, I feel like I'm going to lose my mind. A friend told me, "With everything you have going on, it's normal to feel crazy."

We met my Mom at Chick Fil-A last night. A good visit, the boys got lots of lovin' in. Happy Mother's Day.

Special Delivery! The boys and I helped deliver 51 gallons of Paint to the new house for The Painting Extravaganza this weekend.

Shhh...don't tell anyone. Dad called in sick and came over to help paint. Chris was shocked. "My living room is Green, my favorite color!" Dad says it's avocado, I say it's got a little more 'spice' than that. More Guacamole. My living room is Guacamole, and as weird as that sounds...I like it.

The piano room and dining area are going to be dark red, so they recommended putting tinted primer on, for more effectiveness with the bold dark colors blah blah blah. OK, but the grey looks so nice, it could stand on its own. Right now, the potential is so exciting.

Mike starts painting the foyer. God Bless friends and family that have come out to help paint this weekend!

Eric put the first coat in what will be the kitchen. He left a little open space where the cabinets are going to go. The golden color is so comforting and homey, I can't wait to call this place Home.

And we got Gutters too!

From popping by at the new house, Chris and I headed over to Riley for a Sleep Study. They're ruling out obstructions, and sleep difficulties that could account for his behavioral problems. Good times. He was very nervous, but amazingly mature as we put on 'stickers' and a 'funny hat'.

Pitiful. He's not a fan of the 'funny hat'. But I'm so proud of him, once those tubes and wires were attached, he didn't try to pull them out, not once. And slept pretty decently too, considering it's sleeping in a hospital, with the lovely beeping and clicking noises.

And right now, there is nothing like a hot shower to take off the grime of an overnight stay at the that is where I'm headed.


Jess said...

Love the guacamole living room! Looks like your home is going to be a fiesta of colors. Good luck with the move.