Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pillars and Priming

We got a beautiful gift on Friday: Pillars!

Now the new house has 4 out of its 6 pillars in place. 2 of them got messed up during delivery, but it should only take another 1/2 a day or so to get them up once they arrive. But boy, that is Some Kind of pretty house.

I mean, really, look at that view up the pillar, So Nice!

Meanwhile, the drywallers got mostly finished this week, we thought Friday that they weren't done, so we weren't going to be able to Start Priming...there was still some spots that needed stuff. They called Saturday morning, and said, go ahead and Prime, it'll make any flaws more obvious for them to fix. So Eric did, he taped up the windows and doorways yesterday morning, and took a small dinner break with us, while we ran for a paint sprayer. Our Quality Time together lately only involves giant family trips to the hardware store.

Anyway, while I started this blog post about pillars last night, he started priming about 6 last night, and he worked straight through until 11:30 this morning.

This was what came home to wish me Happy Birthday at lunchtime.

On the up side, the only room not primed right now is the garage, the whole resst of the house is Done, but because of it's 12 food ceilings, and no scaffolding just hanging out in there, he's going to need to roller it, so he spent the rest of the day with us.

But yeah, look how GORGEOUS this primed house looks. So homey. This are the stairs and the hall through to mudroom and doorway to the garage. It looks so pretty.

This is the foyer, still with now railing from upstairs, which still gives me the willies. Um Zowie though!