Tuesday, April 6, 2010

To Sum Up: Easter Sunday

My Boys are adorable. Our Easter was Crazy Busy and Crazy Wonderful.

First, we had Easter morning at our house. I'll talk more about the boys thoughts and pics of that on their sites. But Let's just say, they Loved Easter.

Of course, our time chilling out in the morning at home, didn't last long, but even less for Daddy. The Bells performed at both services. There wasn't any Sunday School, a missed opportunity to explain the True Meaning of Easter, if you Ask me, but they didn't, so we stayed home until Church. Then we took the kids, and Sam did great in the nursery, while Chris...didn't. But all was made better when we left and when to Aunt Ryan's and Uncle Amy's. ;) My Boys love playing with their cousins. The Game of the Day was to wrap themselves up like baby burritos in blankets on the floor. Those kids were cracking me up, no one would stay wrapped for long.

We came home, and though the kids needed a nap, Mommy couldn't sleep, worried about being late, which as it turned out we were anyway to see Oma and Opa. My Dad and Stepmom outdid themselves, a full turkey dinner, and 2 baskets of goodies for each boy, and an Easter Egg Hunt in the Front yard. It was the Easter Egg Hunt that made me happiest, that Chris had so much fun, because we've been so busy, we didn't have time to do any local egg hunts, and we got Skimped on Sunday morning. Well my Dad more than made up for it. The kids had a great time. It is so neat to see them enjoying life too. It was beautiful to see their love of the holiday, I can't wait until they get a better idea of the Meaning.