Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday Thirteen


We were unintentionally brilliant today. We didn't realize that ISTEP testing was going on was going to make a Visit to the Children's Museum Brilliant. My back was Angry, but that wasn't going to stop me. After Chris's school we drove thru for McNuggets and drove on in to town to meet some BU friends and their kids.

1. I asked Chris what was the 1 Thing he wanted to do. He told me he wanted to "Tap Dinosaurs". It took Quite A While (Mommy's Dense) but I came to understand that he meant that he wanted to Dig for Dinosaurs. And so he did.

2. Sam had more fun with the Eggs in the Dino Nest.

3. I told him we were going to the Carousel, but we stopped under the pretty glass. Chris was checking it out, then he sat up and Yelled, "Mommy! This is Not the Merry Go Round!" No it wasn't, but it did go around.

4. Sam declared he wanted Mommy to hold him while the Carousel went around. But I couldn't hold on to Sam and keep a hand on Chris at the same time.

5. Chris rode alone. I gave him wings. I let him go on the Carousel without holding on to him, at the ripe age of 4. I felt like I was sending him off to college or something. If Joan and I hadn't been laughing so much, I might have gotten teary.

6. Chris puts a penny in the spin-y thing. I don't know what it's called, but I promised Chris if he sat still during diaper changes and while Mommy went, then he could toss in some money. It brought him Great Joy.

7. How many kids can you fit in one car?

8. Sam gets crazy in the BabyScape! I love this one!

9. Happy Birthday Aunt Lisa! Someone who Looks Very Much like you was trying to pull up on a lawn mower.

10. Chris and Sam play in the Water. Sam's First Time. He LOVED it!

11. Leave it to Sam to be playing in the water with one hand, holding on for dear life with the other, and before I looked, he was EATING the edge of the water tub. He's gonna have some sort of cooties in 3 days....

12. The kids listen to the Finger Plays gal, singing and doing Itsy Bitsy Spider and 5 Little Ducks. Good Times.

13. Our whole Crew!


SuperSillyAunt said...

I LOVE Christopher's shirt!!!!!!
Who got that for him?

Cathy said...

Mike and Kathleen found it in DisneyWorld. It's Yoda in line at Roller Coaster on the back, with "Judge me by my Size, Do You?" We LOVE it!

Suellen said...

So sad we couldn't come. It really was empty, huh? Glad you had a good time!

Tamsin said...

I NEED NEED NEED that shirt for Jack. Oh I SO need it for him. I obviously need to go to DisneyWorld.