Friday, April 30, 2010

Life on Planet Mom, Ch. 6

How appropriate during this Easter season where everything is springing to life around me, that I find myself reading this chapter entitled A Father's Love. One of Chris's favorite books that we've been reading is the book, I Love You This Much. One of the verses says, "You hear your Heavenly Father say, I Love You This Much!" I do! How much does he love me, if he loves the little birdies in the trees, how much more does he Love Me. Same thing applies in this chapter, if I Love my Children so much, How much more does He love them, love me?!

1. Would you throw yourself in front of a bus--sacrifice yourself--to save your friend? How about your child? How do you know? Probably. I don't know. I live a lot of my life in the moment, and though I'd like to think I would just hop into that moment, jump in without thinking, to save my friend, my child...maybe even a stranger.

2. What is it about sacrifice that depicts a whole other dimension of love? Sacrifice is leaving yourself behind, doing something for the good of others no matter what the consequences to yourself. That is Love, that deep extra dimension of love, when you love someone so much you only want what is best for them, that you no longer care about yourself.

3. Do you believe God wants an intimate relationship with you? Have you sensed that or experienced that in your life? Or how do you hope to? Yes. I think I always knew he was there, and He said so in his Word. And I'd heard it in church, but it wasn't until my Via de Cristo weekend, that it was really hammered into my head Just How Much he wants me did I understand the Reality of it. From there, my journey with and toward Him has changed.

4. Has God disciplined you at some point to teach you something? When, where, and how? My mother gave me a tape, a Joyce Meyer sermon and the best part was when she focused on Psalm 23. He Maketh me to lie down in Green Pastures--she says, if you don't lie down in the Green Pastures, watch out, because he will Maketh You to lie down. My back pain has become a most prominent way that God tells me I'm overdoing it. My first injury was back when i was working in the hospital through college, but that wasn't going to stop me. Then the more trouble some shoulder injuries came after, about the same time as my battle with infertility. I had to stop, stop the working crazy, and stop the drugs. Just Give It All Up To Him. It was like he was saying, Don't get all Stressed about This, take it Easy, put your Trust in me, and I will take care of you. And if you don't, I'll make you Have to...So often we reach a bottom point, a point so low where we sometimes feel we have nowhere else to turn except to the Lord. How much easier is life when we turn to him First instead of Last?!

5. Have you experienced a hurt or tragedy that made you doubt God? Have you been able to get past your doubt? How so? When my 32 year old Aunt died from breast cancer leaving behind a 2 year old son, when I was 16; it coincided with my final Confirmation classes at church. I spent a lot of time in those classes focusing on why God would call her home so young. It was really hard. I didn't so much doubt God, as to just not understand. I can't say the Understanding came much easier when Chris was sick when he was born. But we came to an understanding, he's there to hold me up. I don't doubt His Presence, or His Love, I just wish sometimes he and I could be on the same page about things should go.

6. What has your child said or done that made you think about God more? Do you believe he uses people to speak to you, on his behalf? Why or why not? Ever since Chris and Sam were Born, they bring God closer to me. When Chris came after so much prayer, there was still so much more to pray about. And God was right there. They say Pray Unceasingly. Oh yes, with these boys around, I'm surely doing that. There's lots of Prayers of "Oh Thank You God" when they are healthy or do something beautiful like smile or sleep. And when they aren't, well the prayers are a bit more "Please Lord" or "Help Me Lord". When they do some new milestone, it makes me so proud and happy. When Chris gives me a cheer when I ride my bike or I go potty in the bathroom, his Joy is so beautiful I can't help but Thank God some more. As for Using People, Oh Yes, I believe in that too. God uses Chris and I to inspire others, he uses Chris's story to bring Hope to others. Strangers or acquaintances meet Chris and are pulled in to his Joy, his Enthusiasm for Life. He's a Miracle, and he just draws people in. And God uses that. He uses Chris and Sam to show me all about Hope and Joy...all the time. And Patience.


Rachel said...

Knowing you were pregnant with Chris gave me great hope :)