Monday, April 5, 2010

Goodies in the Mail


A long time ago, my mother said, just when you need it most, Money comes in the mail. Like from God. Well, today we didn't get Money, but it was just as heavenly in timing. The boys were having a rough afternoon, not sleeping well, the house is HOT! And Mommy and Daddy are bouncing off the walls to go to the NCAA Championship game that Butler is playing tonight.

Eric brought in the mail, and at last, Oh Happy Day!, the long anticipated package from our friend Tamsin in Vancouver!

She sent Chris and Sam their own Quatchi stuffies! Chris was so happy to get mail, and Quatchi is so cute. Chris LOVES his!

And she sent some other fabulous Olympic goodies too!

I'm ready for our next Olympic Party!


Tamsin said...

Yey! It arrived! I'm happy it finally got there. I hope you didn't miss the Andorra pin on the bag handle - that's a hot commodity, you know!

I'm sorry to hear that Butler lost tonight. I don't follow NCAA but I follow you, and I know how excited you were!

Take care and talk to you soon! - T. xo

Cathy said...

I did see that, and the Canada pins too! But I had to remove them, so Sam didn't eat them. They're safe! THANK YOU SO MUCH!