Friday, April 16, 2010

Cleanest Little Dirtball in the (mid) West


Sam is an entirely different child from Chris. With all Chris's Sensory Processing Drama, going outside and playing has been a completely different adventure with Sam compared to Chris. Sam wants to get down and BE on the ground. He wants to crawl around on the driveway, he wants to pull up and play with the mulch in the garden. Yesterday, he picked up a piece of mulch in each hand, and stood up. Completely. Without using his hands from a leaning to standing, shaking and rickety, but he wasn't About to put the mulch down just to stand up and investigate it further. Though he does have to be watched, because he likes to stick it in his mouth. We got big brother off the bus today and Sam wanted to just crawl on the driveway. Chris NEVER did that. Sam crawls in the driveway, pat his hands in the previous days' chalk drawings, crawl through the dirt.

Tonight we took him to soccer practice. And we weren't on the green for 2 minutes and Sam wanted down. That boy will DIVE down to get to the ground. He wanted to chase the ball, and crawl after the kids. Oh he had so much fun. And when I brought him back to the car,

his Feet were BLACK. Filthy. And Sam was so Happy.

You can bet he got a bath as soon as we got home. Sam did. Not Chris. Chris is the one we bathe every day because he was so sensitive and rashy bottoms. But while Chris has been able to back off of that sometimes, Sam is the little dirtball who NEEDS the baths daily this week.

So tonight, I give you, the Cleanest little dirtball in the west.

And on the floor for 10 seconds, he finds another ball to throw and chase.

Boy, he's fun. These boys are So Much Fun. As exhausting as Fridays are with soccer and school, and boys, I am having So Much FUN! I might even learn some stuff about not to call our Soccer a class or rehearsal, it's Practice.


Krysten said...

We MUST get together again soon! I am certain that Sadie and Sam will get along quite well. She may be a fair bit bigger, but she LOVES the same things!