Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Final Four, Part 3

We went to the Butler Game last night.
We got an email from the Alumni association earlier in the day. They were offering a chance for Alumni to park on campus, and a bus would drop us off downtown, riding with the students. We thought OK! Anything to not have to pay out the yinyang to park, And drive in the insanity. So we parked at Clowes at 6:30, our friend Cathy came over to watch the boys, and we walked to the 'bus stop'. Campus was so beautiful, even in the rain, a lot of the students must've already been downtown, it was pretty quiet. Until we walked by Lily, the windows open, music streaming through, just like back in the days when we were there. They put blue in the fountains. I had to smile about that, thinking back to our days when it was such a major offense to put anything in the fountains. Ha Ha!

We stopped off to rub the head of the Bulldog, looking Extra Fierce in the rain.

Riding the Fan bus made me feel tremendously Old. They were playing music I had never heard, some possibly tipsy students singing along Very Loudly. I'm so Uncool.
But once we got downtown, nothing else mattered, it seemed like the whole world was rooting for Butler. Just so happened that friends of ours wanted to meet for 'drinks' at the Crowne Plaza hotel, HQ for Butler, and where the Team and Band were staying. Very neat. Also insanely Crowded. We went in for about 2 seconds, the line for 'drinks' wrapping into the lobby, then we noticed much mingling just outside the door. They were waiting for the Team to load up on Buses. Ha!-Buses to drive 2 blocks, but they needed the cover, because there were Tons of people, and cameras out there. Yeah, I screamed, I tried taking pictures. They loaded the Band on the bus behind the Team bus. I got 1 decent one, of Gordon. Saw his family too, golly they are so nice.
And our boys are just so awesome.

Got my Ticket. Eric and I kept singing "I've got a Golden Ticket." from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. :)

I know we had upper nosebleed seats, 3 rows down from the roof, but they were cool seats, and though we were insanely high, I'm fairly convinced that there aren't Bad Seats in Lucas Oil Stadium. My first time there. And most likely my last. But it was great to be there with friends. Our crew just inside the stadium. Again!

This time we made it inside in enough time to see the Boy Scouts hear the Star Spangled Banner. 70,000 people singing to our flag, it can make a girl tear up.

I could go into details about the game, and all the calls I disagreed with and how that ball could've gone in, if the wind had blown just right, or if all the oxygen hadn't escaped the giant room when we all collectively held our breath...but I won't.

But it was a Good Game. And I am So Proud to a. Be a Butler Bulldog, and b. Of my Bulldogs.