Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Need a Windy Day


Sometimes, just when the day seems crummiest, the wind turns. And blows through your shirt, giving you the feeling you can fly.

Sam woke up from naps with Gooby eyes, so I ran him over to Dr. C, who gave us the script for antibiotic eye drops for his Pink Eye. Good times. But when we got back from the doctor and pharmacy, Daddy was home. Daddy had made dinner. And although he and Chris had somewhere to be, we took a break. A break to go outside and Fly a Kite.

Somehow we lost last year's kite, and Daddy had to speedily put together some fancy new fangled thing, had a name on it, that made it look like we'd gotten it free somewhere, with 2 runs of string. Yeah, it didn't fly very well, Daddy didn't get much more off the ground. But Chris was happy to chase. And Sam was happy to eat mulch and rocks...

I keep hearing that Mary Poppins song, Let's Go Fly a Kite, in my head. Last year, when it was Kite Flying weather, I was WAY TOO PREGNANT to be flying kites, this year, I gave it a whirl. A whirl is exactly what I got, that stupid pos kite only twirled in circles, but as soon as the wind caught it, it flapped it's wings, and Chris would take off running, playing 'scared' of it.

He had been bugging me every day for weeks to Go Fly a Kite. But I kept telling him we needed both Mommy and Daddy and a Windy Day. Not Rainy and Windy, Sunny and Windy. He would look outside and see it raining and ask, is it a Windy Day? Yes, but not sunny. I think today was our first Sunny Windy Day. And even though we were only outside 'kite flying' for 10 minutes, it was his happiest 10 minutes today. Which makes it my happiest 10 minutes. And a Very Happy 10 minutes on a sunny windy day can make the whole day better.


amypfan said...

Ah, Mary Poppins. Remember how she could fly with her umbrella? I used to go outside with an umbrella on windy days when I was little to try to take off like her. Clearly, it didn't work.