Sunday, April 11, 2010

Grass Time


It was another beautiful spring day today! One of those days where I wish we didn't have Obligations for other things. So after church, lunch, naps were all done. We went outside. Chris was thrilled; when he asked to go play soccer for the 468th time, This Time, we said YES. (He's been asking a lot since Friday to go play soccer!) So we took the boys outside to play 'soccer' in the front yard. Sam liked crawling in the grass, but he needs to be watched closely, he likes to eat mulch and leaves. Gotta tell you, it was funny seeing Sam was more interested in that ball than Chris. Chris played for a couple minutes, but then moved on to helping daddy do some yard work.

They seem to be growing too fast, running off away from me to go out and play. But there was Something about two boys playing in the yard, that just seemed perfect for this Spring Day.

A girlfriend of mine finally conquered a photo battle with boys and Bluebonnets in Texas. I'm having the same trouble, trying to get both boys to a. look at me, b. smile, and c. be sweet in front of happy tulips.

I think I've matured. There used to be a time where Roses were my favorite flower, I think it's Tulips now. And this time of year....AH!!!!