Sunday, April 4, 2010

Final Four, Part 1

The last couple days have gotten away from me, so I'll try to catch up.

Friday I took the boys downtown to the Final Four. They were having an open Practice Session for Our Butler Bulldogs as they prepared for their game against Michigan State.

We met up with some friends, went inside, and met up with J. J. Jumper. I have no idea who he is, but for the next two days, Chris kept asking to go to Butler to see the Alligator.

20,000 of our closest friends, also showed up to see the Team Practice. The Pep Band was there too, it was like an extra long Pregame. It was pretty awesome hearing the Butler War Song played in this kind of venue. I got a little teary. Chris did too, once he realized that he wasn't going to get to go down and play ball once the team was done practicing, like he can after a Game at Hinkle.

So did Sam, but his upset was because he did Not Appreciate the massive cheering and noise, especially when done by Mom. But he tolerated it better when I held him, and didn't scream. That's really hard to do. Now when the band was just playing tunes, and the guys tossing the ball, well, he was pretty happy watching. Little did I know that I'd be spending the next day doing pretty much this same thing, biting my nails unable to stop watching the Team.

We took over a row of handicapped seating, basically so we didn't have to leave our strollers, and so we could leave the kids in them. We grabbed an area of 'stroller/wheelchair parking', and then staked out a row of chairs below, where the ambulatory crowd could sit. But Chris just thought it was extra fun to play with friends! Here's he's getting goofy with Steven.

And here, he's dancing to the Pep Band music with Emily.

And Chris would play peekaboo through the plastic shielding with Sam. Sam got a kick out of seeing Chris...almost as good as the band or team.

I tried to teach him to say Go Gordon! Actually I've heard him babble something very similar, but he hasn't quite gotten the hang of it. Yet.

Mommy and her boys at Lucas Oil Stadium. So Yes, I did take the boys down to the Final Four... the festivities, anyway, not the games.


Anonymous said...

SO, SO FUN!!!!! -Elizabeth