Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Saturday

On Saturday, we celebrated Easter with Eric's Family, his Grandfather, aunts, uncles and cousins. We took over the Golden Corral, the boys ate their weight in bread rolls, and they played with cousins while we observed and talked, and just had fun.

We always have such a good time with them.

Sam really enjoyed getting his Annual Easter Egg from Great Grandpa with his name on it. He knew exactly what to do with it. I think he was disappointed that it contained money, and was not stuffed with candy or some other fun shaking thing.

He still had a great time, cudding up with Aunt Erica and Uncle Karl. We also welcomed the girls back from their Barcelona Spring Break trip. They were so full of energy, that Chris was bouncing off the walls with them, and having so much fun.

Cousin Travis volunteered to let the kids climb all over him. Chris was having such a great time.

And it wouldn't be a Willman Family get together if Chris didn't snatch up Grandpa's Cane and swing it around a bit. He used to snatch Grandma's too, and she loved watching have so much fun with her. It's times like these I really miss her.