Monday, April 26, 2010

A Slumber Party


Our Slumber Party experiment went a lot better than I thought last night. Sure, Annie woke up, but only when either Sam or Fina woke her. So we didn't sleep any more or less than we have been. The bummer was that while Sam went back to bed at 5:30, Annie tried...but I don't think she really succeeded.

This morning was a lot of fun though. Annie thought all the toys in our house were great fun. There's only an 8 month difference between Annie and Sam, but walking seems to make a huge difference in play. Because she'd chase Chris, or she'd sit still with Sam. She had a great time playing with the refrigerator magnets. Chris wanted to play With her, but she just wanted to do magnets. He got bored waiting for her to join him, so he started making snow angels, or rather dust bunny angels.

Annie and Sam love the Cat. The two of them together was Finally enough to scare the cat into hiding in the basement. I shouldn't laugh, but they were funny. Sam just tackles and hugs, and Annie kept calling the cat, "Shssis" and chasing him. I think she only got him once.

My Biggest and Best Accomplishment of the day: Feeding all three kids Breakfast! At the Same Time! Now if they all had Eaten everything, Annie was most interested in playing, and Sam and Chris wanted to watch Annie.

And then we went to visit Aunt Erica. We hadn't been to play at her house before, and the kids found great joy in playing with all kinds of things that weren't necessarily toys, like remote controls, and pillows, and all the video game accessories. The Best Part of Uncle Karl and Aunt Erica's house is that it is right across the street from the park. Even with all the recent rain, and how cool and cloudy it was today, there was no way I was stopping the kids from playing at the park.

We kept them at a 10 minute limit, since I hadn't brought everyone's coats. And I don't know why my phone is taking blue pictures...but at least you can see that the kids were having a Great Time swinging and playing on the playground equipment.

Then the younger two sat in puddles on the swings so we had to change clothes, and somehow Sam started getting feverish, signs it was time to go home.

But I Vote our Test Run a Success!