Sunday, April 25, 2010

March of Crazy


First of all, I'd really like to thank all of you who donated to our March of Dimes March for Babies this year. I was bummed I didn't meet my goal, but we made a nice dent, and as you know, Every little bit helps, and you helped make a difference. I mean, look a my boys, where would be if not for an organization like the March of Dimes. I've had 2 fairly miraculous pregancies, followed by births requiring c-sections; there was a time that either one of those factors would have made it impossible for these kids to get here, and Don't even get me started about Chris and his issues. That's "a whole nother story".

So this morning, listening Sam's early morning mumbles, I heard Rain. I ignored it. I slept on, and when I woke up, it wasn't raining. Clouds all around me, but not on me. There were doubts about doing the March of Dimes March for Babies in the rain, but I was determined. I wanted my kids to go, I wanted to do the walk. Don't Tell me that Rain is going to keep me from something I believe in. Psha!

And so we went.

It was not raining when we arrived, but I was only able to go register, and get my shirt, and THEN it started raining. At first we hung out in tents, there were a few ;). Chris was particularly partial to the NICU reunion tent where they had a Jump-n-play. Good times for him. As you can imagine, he did Not want to leave his jumpy thing to go out and walk in the rain.

Again, Mommy was determined.

So, we loaded up the stroller and headed to the start line, the kids wearing raingear, and Mommy and Daddy wishing we'd packed something. And We crossed the Start Line!!!!

As we crossed the bridge we had to stop no less than 4 times, just crossing the bridge, because of Sam yelling, or throwing his milk, or screaming when we took it back. Then Chris wanted a snack. We crossed the bridge, which backs up to the Zoo. The majority of the racers turned right to follow the White River, but I noticed a few turning right...and heading for the Zoo parking lot, which just happened to be where we parked. Once again we stopped. It didn't take much pushing for us to choose to go to the car.

Instead of marching 3.1 miles for babies, we only made it .13.

Was I crazy? Yup. Was I glad we did it. Yup? We were cold, wet, and dripping. I don't know that we were sufficiently bundled, Sam was happy to get in the car, he worked his milk, and we went to brunch at the Pit Stop. The little boys had worked up an appetite, and split a Belgian Waffle bigger than my head. Yeah, they ate, and it was the most relaxing comforting meal I'd had in a long time.

Tell you what, we may not have walked like we wanted to, but we made an appearance. What was important here, not that we completed the walk, but that we brought awareness to the Cause, the March of Dimes, and the research they do that Saves Moms and Babies. We raised Funds for a very important cause, near and dear to my heart, for without them, I really don't know that I would be here...let alone, here with my 2 mostly healthy boys.


Kathy said...

Amen!!! :-)

Thanks for contributing! I know so many babies who've depended on this!

Elizabeth said...

Good for you for getting down there in the weather today! We've contributed to the same team for 5 coworker had twins prematurely and they are healthy little boys now! They've added 2 more premies to their crew. God is good!