Sunday, April 4, 2010

Final Four, Part 2

Yes. We went. Our friend Bohl, was able to get a hold of a pair of tickets for us to the Final Four Game, Butler vs. Michigan State.

How did we get tickets you ask? Our friend Bohl is a Season Ticket holder, she was one of the lucky few to get in on the block of alumni season ticket holder tickets. She got her pair, and then a business aquaintance came through with a Free Pair for her. So she gave us the spare set of tickets. Here's our pic of the ticket.
Isn't it Pretty?!

Eric and I can't believe we're really here. It's like the Biggest Date we've ever been on, certainly the most expensive...unless you count flying to Florida for a very expensive Date Night at the California Grille on the Contemporary...which I really don't, that was just an expensive dinner. THIS was an Expensive Date. But an Awesome one. Dreams coming True....

This is our Crew, our "Lucky" group. We've got a whole slew of superstitions that we abide by during the games, including wearing the same shirts for each game. But those are another story.

Here's our view. We were 3 rows from the top, like if I was a foot taller, I'd be having trouble. However, there was a dropdown ceiling with TVs on it, and we could see the Jumbotron quite well, and I had packed binoculars, and my Zoom lens for my camera. Really I was quite content, as long as I didn't look down while I was going up and down the stairs. I'm quite skiddish on stairs. But it was Quite the Awesome View...with 72,000 of our closest friends. Or Enemies. It's amazing how Rude people can sound when they Boo...when there are so many of them....must've been the MSU fans, because you know Butler fans don't Boo.

Calling out the Starters for Butler. So Cool.

Tip off, they got it first..snarf.

Gordon Hayward makes a 3!

Now, I know a lot of stuff happened in here. I was chewing my fingers...standing, sweating; my heart was racing. It was close, somehow the offense and the defense did a great job, not their Greatest, but a Great Job...and

We Won.

This is where the shotclock ran out and Gordon got the ball at the very end, the basket lit up and we all slowly realize...we did it. It still hardly seems Real. But it is. I'm not sleeping, sleep deprived, but not sleeping. Crazy. And I love Gordon Hayward!

During the second game, it became clear by halftime that Duke was cleaning West Virginia's clock, so we called our crew to see if there were any empty seats by them. There were. Lots of folks had left, we went down, barely got in, but did. And watched the rest of that game. A whole different view down there, so much easier to get distracted by the yapping, and watching a non-Butler game was a whole lot less stressful. I think that may have been my first time watching a Non-Butler game in person. Eh. I like watching my Team better, even if they do give me the occasional heart attack.

We'd been cordial with the people around us, and we learned at Game's End that the people next to us up top were interested in selling their tickets to Monday Night's game. So we bought them as soon as Butler won.

Yeah so, Tomorrow night, we're going to the Final Four Championship Game...that Butler is playing. AHHH!!!!! Um Yeah. Never thought you'd hear ME say that.



Anonymous said...

I'll be cheering them on tonight and thinking of you guys there! -Elizabeth