Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dandelion Reserve


Chris and his friends spent a nice chunk of their Afterschool Playground Time today picking Flowers. That's Right. Dandelions.
What is it about kids that their favorite flower is the Dandelion? I suppose if they have to go around picking flowers, then weeds are the way to go. Chris lay there, on a baby slide stretched out encompassing the whole slide, one leg up in the air, twirling his flower around and around, in his little red, white, and blue checked shirt. He looked so All-American, yet very retro, like 50-60s' boy. One of the other Moms said all he needed was cigarettes tucked into his shirtsleeve. Oh no.
But oh yes. It's not only the Dandelions that have gone bonkers around here. The boys have been Extra Crazy. I'm quite grateful for Naptime today!

There is a home at the front of our neighborhood, where it is evident that no one is taking care of the yard. Eric and I joke it's the "National Dandelion Reserve".

When we lived out west, we were about an hour from the California Poppy Reserve. We passed it many times, never having enough time to stop when the Poppies were blooming. They were always little orange pretties on the side of the road, and the sign to the National Preserve was So Tempting... Finally, we were able to stop there one spring, and I was pretty disappointed. It was just a field. Granted there were poppies, an orange haze on the field, but it wasn't the amazing field out of the Wizard of Oz that I was expecting. Let's just say it was a bit more like the Dandelion Preserves we experience here Every Year.