Friday, July 25, 2014

The Scenic Route


OK, Sunday was our last day.  Technically, we had to be out of our rooms at 11, the pool opened at 10, but we were allowed to stay until 1.  So you do the math.  Luckily, the kids were up at a reasonable hour, 7:30, so we could get all packed up before hitting the road.  Except that it took us 5 hours to hit the road.  We took the scenic route out of the hotel.

We were able to stop in and say Goodbye to Lisa, James, Grube, and Mom before we went downstairs to officially checkout, bowl our last couple of rounds, and go for a swim.  The kids were crazy. The parents were crazier, we really needed a good hot tub soak for the road.

Turns out they do the Story Time at 10 am too.  

So now you can hear why we think that Mother Nature isn't very comforting...when
"There's nothing to be scared of here....Trust in Mother Nature".
No thanks, you all kind of creep me out. 
 Then we had another important stop to make.  Bowling.  We still had a couple games left on our card, so we had to take care of that. 

Oh, can you tell that Chris got a Strike?

Sam took a couple turns at bowling before we moved on too.

Bowling with Jacob was Daddy's lucky charm! 

One last posed pic with the bear by the ice cream shoppe before we hit the road. 

We went for a quick swim, where we let everybody do their last favorite thing.  I got to go on the Lazy River with Sam.  Chris and I chose to do the Toilet Bowl waterslide one more time.  The second time didn't terrify him nearly as much, as he was a seasoned pro by the last day.   And he and Daddy did the orange water slide.  And we potched in the wave pool for a while.   Then we took over the family changing room to get us all dressed.  Amazingly, our day clothes didn't get soaked in the process. AND the changing rooms had spinners to dry out suits before hitting the road.  They weren't 100% dry, but it was a huge improvement when we 're stuffing them into a bag to drive home for a few hours.  I wasn't as worried about mold.  

Yeah, we didn't actually leave until after 1.  
And once we got on the road, I realized we were Starving.  
I wanted to do something fun and local.  Maybe eat at Ikea. ;)  But then we saw a sign for Skyline Chili. 
It doesn't get much more local than that. 

The boys loved the appetizer crackers. 
I'd actually never been Inside a Skyline Chili. (Some of you may gasp.) I'd tried their chili, you know, from a can in the store, but never been in.  I liked their service, it's fast food, but you get waited on.  I guess we're considered South in Cincy, because they offer sweet tea.  I love a good sweet tea, and this wasn't too shabby.  Their chili was pretty sweet.  I thought the kids would like it.  Turns out they liked the crackers and cheese more.  

Jacob liked Daddy's water cup most of all. 
He acts like he can drink out of a straw cup.  But he just chews it.  
We did pull it out, and give him a couple sips of water to go with his lunch of crackers. 

He just wanted water. 
I think the big boys left still hungry because they didn't choose to eat all of what they ordered.  Their loss was our gain.  When the manager came around and saw an upset child, she brought a free plain hot dog for the road.  I thought that was so sweet.  

Once we were on the road again, I thought our blitheringly exhausted children would sleep.  They didn't.  Well, Jake did eventually, but the big ones didn't.   And we took the scenic route from the border of Indiana across the state to Edinburgh Outlet mall, to do some school shopping.   We drove on Bob's road though the country.  At least the roads were paved, it was county road this and that, following cornfields, and creeks, and 1 stop towns.  I liked driving it, though it made me nervous that if something went wrong, we'd be in trouble.  Praise the Lord, nothing did go wrong, and it was a nice sunny day, and actually perfect for driving through podunk Indiana. I really do love this state.  And we made it to the outlet mall in 3 hours, so we could do a bit of shopping with the boys.  

It's getting time for new shoes, and new shirts, because our vacation is over, School starts next week!


Unknown said...

That was a jam packed day. At Great Wolf we do the late check out.