Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Pain Away

You know how I have a really crappy back.  Really crappy.  I haven't had a pain free day since 1996.  Anyway, among my Young Living crew there was a recipe floating around for a Pain Cream.  So I decided to whip it up, since I had all the ingredients within my starter kit.  Pan-away was originally supposed to be called Pain Away, but that was trademarked by someone else. I thought it was a little crazy that a blend of oils could take my pain away...but....

Monday was a busy day, we took the car in, we went to the eye doctor for Chris and I, and although Jake napped, I didn't get to, as James brought over some goodies from Lisa.  Later, as Jake woke up and I brought him downstairs, I tweaked my back, somehow.  I have no idea how.  Probably because I haven't been moving my body in a healthy manner since Chicago.  As I sat at dinner, I got less and less able to breathe.  Crap.  This usually results in me needing to take a bunch of very good drugs and go to bed for at least 4 hours.  Jake would not be down with that.  And the fact that it was 6 oclock, meant the chiropractor was closed, so no emergency adjustment either.  So I dragged a chair over to my 'oil table' in the front hall, and whipped this up.  In doing so, I got it all over my spatula and hands, and proceeded to slime it all over my lower back.  I made Eric carry everything to the school. I was NOT about to miss Kindergarten Open House at Sam's school.  All I held were sweetboy hands, which wasn't entirely a bad thing.  :)   

But by the time we left the school, I could carry a bit of the box, I could hold Jake, and most importantly I could breathe!  I love this cream!  The pan-away has a strong wintergreen scent and the peppermint also usually bites, but with the valor in it, it is calm and sweet, and not so overpoweringly minty.  I think I love it!  I ended up reapplying before bed.   the next day, I was a little tender, but not bad.  Turns out I didn't need to go to the chiropractor at all!  Good stuff.   And it works! So here's another oil recipe - Cathy Approved!