Friday, July 18, 2014

The Bomb

Well, you know how I am very interested in Essential Oils now.  And they've been helping the boys and I with our digestion using a small bit of Di-Gize in olive oil (because that's what I had).  And I made them a balm of Peace and Calming for their feet right before our Chicago trip, with coconut oil and shea butter.  But it was time to try some other goodies in my starter kit.

This was Jacob last week helping me find some goodies at Joann's while brothers were at Art Camp.  One of the goodies we found were steel spray bottles.  They recommend that Essential Oils go into stainless steel or glass for storage, because they are so potent they can break down plastic.  My sister has signed up too, and both of us are very excited to make all kinds of different goodies to help our kids.  
So speaking of our kids.  When James got into town, I asked him what one thing he wanted to do, he said he wanted to go to the movies and see that new Planet of the Apes.  How very manly.  So I found myself volunteering to watch the girls so they could go to dinner and a movie.  Am I nutsy?  Yeah, a little.  Anyway, we fed the girls some meat, cheese, carrots, and they played until they started disagreeing.  So we made them (let them) watch the Lego movie, which they enjoyed.


Anyway, while they were watching Family Night, I got to making up a recipe of Essential Oil bugspray.  I mutated it from a few that I'd seen.  One used a couple oils, and another used a couple different ones.  One used salt to bind the oils, the other used witch hazel.  One even used vodka in place of witch hazel since oil and water don't entirely mix.  By mixing it with a salt and/or alcohol, the chemical properties change to allow the Essential Oils to kind of emulsify and we get a more even dispersion of oils throughout the entire solution.  I know, I sound like a chem geek.  What can I say, this is my kind of cooking, chemistry cooking!  No raw meat here!  And I am not poisoning my children with deet!

So I combined all of them and used water, epsom salts, witch hazel, and these oils.  

These were the essential oils that I used in my Oily Bug Spray:  
Lemon, Peppermint, Purification (which is a great cleansing blend), Lavender, and Palo Santo.  
Lisa lent me her Palo Santo, but I think I'm going to need to get some of my own soon. 

These were the final products, giant 12 ounce spray bottles.  
Are you ready for my fancy name, "Oily Bug Spray".  Yeah, I know, I'm so creative. What can I say, I had a yellow blanket, I named it Yelly. I had a stuffed cow, I named it Nay Nay.  My musical teddy bear was named Musical.  Chris, Sam, and Jake are really lucky.  

So after the movie was over the kids started to get at each other again.  So I sent them out to play.  
THIS TIME I spritzed them all with the new Oily Bug Spray. 
Sam especially tends to get bit in the evenings, and they swell up to the size of 50 cent pieces.
Not this time. :) 

Now if only Mommy had been so lucky.  Since I had been the one concocting the special spray, I reeked of it, I sprayed a cloud and walked into it, to cover my head and face.  But for some reason I completely forgot my legs!  So I did get 2 bites on my legs.  Duh. But then I put some spritzer on my legs to relieve it, and Bam, that worked!  God Bless Lavender and Peppermint!