Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Kindergarten Open House


Yesterday was Sam's Kindergarten Open House.  We got to go in and meet his teacher, and take all Sam's stuff in. He had a honking boxful.  This year, Eric bucked the system and ordered all of Sam's school supplies online.  It was weird, yet So Much Easier....all the stuff just came, poof! Right to my doorstep. And we were able to maximize Sam's favorite color materials.  Green notebooks, pencils, folders...

So, after Daddy got home from work, we got to go to school to meet his teacher.  As you can imagine Sam was stoked.

He was so happy.  He walked around the classroom trying to find his desk.  It was the third one he saw.  He recognized that letter S from across the room.  I was very proud of him to figure out where to look for his name.  Even though he hadn't done this before, I guess tagging along with big brother has his advantages.  Of course, every time we asked Sam a question, Chris wanted to answer. ;)   There was a scavenger hunt and we took a look around for some things, and then they took all the kindergartners to be to the cafeteria for cookies and milk.  Sam couldn't wait to go!  

After meeting the teacher, getting a little intro and paperwork out of the way, we went outside to get Sam. 
He was playing on the kindergartener playground.  And he came rushing towards his brother.  I'm not sure who is more happy for Sam to start school, Sam or Christopher.  They are both pretty stoked. 

I just like going places with my sweetboys.