Sunday, July 20, 2014

Pretty days of summer


It's been the weirdest summer.  The highs have been in the 70's.  They say it's a polar vortex.  A friend of mine said it best, "I prefer my polar vortexes in the summer."  Me too.  I much prefer a cool summer to a frigid winter.  In this weather, I actually don't mind going outside at all.
Last Tuesday, the boys wanted to play outside in the driveway in the evening and in the afternoon.  OK.  They played and swapped out their toys, and ran crazy.  Plus it was the first time I'd gotten them all to put on their t-shirts they made in Art Camp.  We'd planned on going to visit some museums, but they'd been bonkers all morning, so I hadn't wanted to take them out in public.  Staying home worked best for us, on this day, anyway.  The weather was perfect for playing in the driveway.

So, after letting them play for a bit, Jake and I went outside to join them. 
It was a Beautiful evening! 

Christopher struck a pose.  I couldn't resist this.  

Sam is getting pretty good at bike riding too. 

Watching his brothers made Jake a little jealous.  So I looked at our options for things Jake could do. 
I gave the trike a try.  He is big enough to sit on it, and his feet dangle to the ground, but he's not strong enough to pedal.  That didn't matter much to him.  

He felt like Big Stuff sitting up on the trike like a big boy.  
I prefer this trike to any other because of the handle.  

Jacob was puzzled when Big Brother Chris took a turn giving him a gentle push.  

Oh man, all three of my boys on bikes.  
This is happening too fast.  

Eric came home and made us a wonderful dinner of grilled chicken and Ikea's swedish waffles.  I even got to eat them with lingonberry sauce.  Oh yeah.  But afterwards, I was feeling a little bloaty, and it was still so pretty outside.  


Yup, we took all the boys out for a walk. 
What a lovely summer's evening.