Saturday, July 12, 2014

Moving on


On our way back from Art Class on Wednesday, we saw our friend Xander from the down the street out riding his bike.  Sam and Chris had already eaten lunch at Camp.  They get to pack lunches all week long and eat at the school cafeteria right before they come home.  But Jake and I hadn't.  And we were hungry.  And the boys asked me so nicely if they could go riding with their friend.  I had to cave.  

This photo is them all riding down the street.  I told them to ride where I could see them if I needed to yell.  They said they were going to ride to his house, I just figured they'd ride back and forth.  But as we finished our lunch, I realized they weren't coming back to our driveway, and it was almost naptime.  

They couldn't hear me, I figured they were at their friend's house playing, so I got Jake in the car, and we went chasing down boys.  This was the first time I have had to do that.  And actually, I didn't mind much at all.  Honestly, I was very happy that they were off riding bikes with friends just like I used to do.  I remember being Sam's age, and banging on my friend Annie's door at 9 am on a Saturday morning, because her parents told me I had to wait until 9 on Saturdays to Play, and that was practically agony.  My boys don't have to deal with that kind of agony.  This summer, they have proven themselves pretty trustworthy as long as they stay together, I don't mind letting them go to their friend's house.  But I wanted them to stay out where I could see and hear.  They didn't exactly do that.  I had to go chase them down.  Close, but not quite.   

 By the time I found them, they were on their way back home.  But apparently, Chris was riding his bike too fast, and popped the chain, so I loaded his bike up in my car, (just like my Mom how many eons ago!) and he ran home after his friend.  Sam is getting better and better chasing after his big brother on his bike with training wheels.  It'll be interesting to see who gets off training wheels first!

So, for not being entirely obedient and staying where I could here, I 'forced' them to do some reading and room cleanup.   Fine by me.  In the evening, it was time for footrubs.  They love their oily footrub time. 

 Chris loves footy pajamas, but they make footrubs and oil application rather difficult.  So this is a funny picture about Chris picking the bedtime story, and reading it right after his oils got put on.  The kids love the Peace and Calming balm that Lisa and I made last week.  And so here is Chris read the bedtime to Sam (and Jake). Chris chose a story about Jesus.  And I loved listening to him read it.  Now I love to hear him read pretty much anytime, but this was particularly humorous, because he was prounouncing some things pretty funny.  He was reading about how Jesus rode into Jerusalem for the Pacifier Dinner, and Judas turned Jesus into Punch-us Pie-late.   Punch us.  Ha Ha!