Sunday, July 20, 2014

A day for phones

Thursday morning was spent on the phone with the insurance company and the glass guys.  So we just chilled out and stayed home.   I was supposed to go play with Lisa, but we ended up staying in.  However, my insurance company rocks, and they sent a window fixit guy right over, right away.  And he came!  He came and fixed the window right in my driveway.  Just like that.
Unfortunately, it was very sunny outside, so when I went to take a look at the finished product, I noticed some nasty scratch marks around the door handle I hadn't seen before, they weren't there, I'm sure of it.  Now that car has some nasty business going on, like when I smashed the bricks on the way in to the garage, and when Kat hit me, but the door handle was something completely different.  So I had to call the insurance guys and report additional damage.   Blessedly, they were so cool about it, they told me to run the car over to our local car fix-it guys, and get it estimated, and they'll get it fixed up.  So I called them and they said just bring it by, and they'll take a look.  They were so kind.  So after naps, we did.  They told me it would take 3 days to disassemble, repaint and paint and fade the areas next to it.  Ugh.  Three days without my car, that's why we hadn't gotten around to getting Kat's stuff fixed yet either.  Oh well, it was time.  So we opted to do both, and they were kind enough to do both at the same time.  And they re-swept the car out for glass, because I had noticed some additional "sparkle" on the seat.  Just because.  They were so nice I didn't have to worry about glass in my bottom for our Great Wolf road trip the next day.


Anyway, the picture of the day was this:

Since I spent half the day on the phone with insurance and car fix-it people, Chris and Sam were fairly ignored.  Poor kids.  Luckily, since Art Camp, Sam has found a bit of a more creative streak.  So he made his own phone.  He told me this was his cell phone.