Monday, July 21, 2014

Having a Great Wolf Day!


I called downstairs on that Saturday we were at Great Wolf, to find out when the pool opened, and to find a spoon, and when I signed off, I was told to "Have a Great Wolf Day!"  Ha!  I laughed about that for quite some time.  But what's really funny, is we totally did, we totally had a Great Wolf Day.

The boys were up at 6:30, and practically lost their minds before being able to go down to the pool at 10.  We had enough snackage for breakfast in the hotel room, but the kids didn't really want to do that.

Jake was just padding around the room, getting into everything.  At one point, I was potching on the computer, and he drives by, leaving a slight sent behind him, and I hear a rather large toot.  Oh Jake, are you filling your pants?  I ask.  "Oh yeah," he responded. He sure did.  I was worried we were going to run out of wipes that I'd packed with that one.

Jake and I were taking a break letting Daddy go up to the kiddie waterslide level with the boys.  Sam was not really a fan.  His favorite was the Lazy River.  We were playing around in the wave pool when Lisa and her crew arrived.  So Jake and I got out for a little snack break.  

Lisa and I and Grube rode a waterslide together, the crazy insane water roller coaster of death.  It was blue, and had a netting covering the whole thing, so we didn't fall off it.    I could only think as I was sputtering from repeated water blasts, and catching air that I was not going to be able to walk later.  But beingon a cushion of air roiling over water, I didn't die.  I was able to walk away. We vowed though to send James and Eric on it later.  Mwa ha ha! To promote male bonding. ;)

After a couple hours of swimming, which only felt like minutes, we needed to take a lunchbreak.  We snagged a pizza and went up to the room to watch it.  We didn't think we'd be there long, we didn't even get out of our suits.  The baby fell asleep, in his diaper as soon as I nursed and he slept through lunch.  The kids were content to sit on the floor and watch tv in their kid kamp.

Jacob actually looked so beautiful, innocent and exhausted sleeping on the bed, I made no rush moves to wake him.  Though after lunch, I started to feel the pull, the pull of a sleeping baby, and wanted to lay down next to him.  As soon as I did so, he woke up.  So we loaded them up all up and went back down to the pool.  I laugh, calling this waterpoolooza, a pool.  Ha!

They chose the Family waterslide.   All 5 of us pile up the stairs, with vests on, and get into a giant circular tube, which reminded me of the things at Kings Island.   Once it started moving, the kids freaked out a little bit.  Jacob's eyes just got really really big, and his flabby little cheeks vibrated all over the place.  About halfway down, Chris started to enjoy it, probably because Eric and I laughed and hooted and hollered the whole way down.   Jake and Sam got dunked at the bottom. They had no desire to go back on a waterslide, either one of them.  They were perfectly content in the Lazy River while Daddy and Chris took their turn trying other things.    

When we returned, Uncle James needed a bit of a break, and the girls needed some snacks.   So I sat with them, and gave them snacks and some non-water time, while Daddy took the bigs to the bathroom, and Uncle James did whatever it was he needed to do.   But I got some Qualitty Time with my nieces, not being in the water.  They were getting tired, but still wanting to play.  They might've needed a nap, come to think of it, maybe so did I.  

When the boys returned, we went over to the kiddie water slides for a bit, before caving and going back upstairs for a small rest.  We only rested for an hour and a half.  While that was enough for some, it wasn't for Sam.  We had to wake him,  to go to supper.  

Since the night before, there had been no room for our huge party at The restaurant, we decided to eat at 5 on Saturday night, and avoid the crowds.  That totally worked.  We got a table for us all, and had a really good meal.  I got a lobster bisque that was scrumptious.  Chris even tried some of it, he told me he liked the broth, but not the lobster.  OK, more for me!   We ate well.  It could have been partly that swimming makes you hungry, and we were starving, OR it could have been really good.  I think Both.  Not cheap, but really yummy.  

After dinner, James and the girls had no plans to swim again, we were going to, but we were thinking of something fun to do for the evening.  They wanted to go to the arcade, and we thought maybe we could all go for a round of bowling.  We decided to meet down there.  

The duckpin bowling is right next to the arcade.  However, we were the only ones to show up to bowl.  So bowl we did!   Sam definitely did better with this kind of ball than the regulation bowling ball.  But he only wanted to play a few frames.

It was a little loud, and a lot of crazy. 

Now Eric, he is a Bowling maniac!  
He used to be on the Bowling Team in high school.  
Who has a Bowling Team in high school?!  His school. AND he got a scholarship from it too. 
So it was no surprise that he rocked out bowling at duckpin bowling too.  

Daddy got a Strike! 

   James and the girls showed up just as the boys were getting over it, and wanted to leave.  
The girls were interested in bowling for a bit. 

But the boys were really ready to move on.
So we opted for ice cream instead.

The kids all split some ice creams. Sam got green, of course.
The girls split som rainbow sherbert.  turns out when the halls are 80 degrees so wet people in swimwear are comfortable, ice cream really hits the spot.  But our evening was just Not Quite Complete.

It was only 8 when we headed back upstairs.  

We caught the story time story as we were walking to our room.   It occurred to us that the theme song, "There's nothing to be scared of here" is actually a wee bit eerie, and honestly, quite likely to scare kids more.  So we kept joking about it for the rest of the evening as we hoofed back to our room.  

The boys were still full of energy, even though it was after 8 o'clock, so we decided to go for an evening swim.  Apparently, Lisa and James had taken the girls back down the night before.  And they slept well.  We had all napped before dinner, so the kids wouldn't have been too inclined to go to sleep at 9 like they had the night before.  Chris says, "Everything they do here is Awesome!"  It's like the Lego movie everywhere we go.  So we decided to suit back up and go down for another swim.  

The boys loved messing around in their Kid Kamp while we all got ready.  

They had a lot of energy...yup, going for an evening swim was a good call. 

Normally in the wave pool, I sit with Jacob and he potches in the water with me.  
But with Daddy he was getting brave, and standing up...and walking away.  Ah! 
He made me want to put his vest back on, except that he hated that vest.  

The big boys venturing out into the wave pool.  They'd go out, and come running to us to jump in the waves, when they would start up.   Chris and Daddy took a turn on a water slide, since I'd gone with Chris alone the night before.  Lisa said going after dark was really neat on the ones that went outside, so Chris and I did one that went outside, ever so briefly.  We never did make it to the outdoor section, because it was like 65 and rainy outdoors all day.  But doing waterslides and the wave pool was plenty. Even just sitting there a while with the water smashing against you for 5 solid minutes was exhausting.  I think we sat through 3 or 4 rounds before giving up and going to bed. It really was a Great Wolf Day!