Saturday, July 12, 2014

Sam's signs


My Poor Sams

Monday night, he didn't want to eat dinner.  He didn't like what we were serving, mexican casserole, so he took one bite and was ok with going upstairs.  But he hadn't eaten much for lunch either.  I'm not exactly sure what, but then Tuesday morning, he wasn't feeling well.  I saw his face when he got up and he was white as a sheet, and even his lips were pale.  He told me his tummy hurt, and I started going for the peppermint.  When I got downstairs with it, I saw that Eric had let him have some cottage cheese for breakfast, and my eyes grew big, just as Sam said he was going to throw up.  He didn't make it to the bathroom.   He ended up exhausted, and having to stay home from Art Camp.   He actually went back upstairs after eating a bit of bread and water and went back to sleep.   When he got up the second time, he was Hungry.  I think that was his problem, he didn't eat enough.   And the Di-Gize doesn't work as well, maybe, when he has an empty tummy.  I think on nights he doesn't eat dinner, he may need something to kick it up a notch.   He gets such an upset stomach, he pukes.  But then he's fine the rest of the day.  

In the late afternoon, he calls to me, "Mommy, Jake is going to get sick!"   There was a great pause for Mommy to freak out wondering why, what Jake and Sam could have got, maybe Sam is really sick after all? Nope. Sam continues with,  "He touched my foot!"  But No, Jake never got sick. And Sam didn't get sick again.  He was just a tired grump.  He most likely didn't get enough sleep.  

He was definitely grumpy.  He wanted some paper and a marker after naps, he said to make something.  Turns out he wanted to make a sign.  He asked how to spell No, Girls, Allowed.  Then he was working on the word Because, which you can kind of see working on this sign.  Then Sam got a special helper to help him with his sign.  Chris explained that because Annie and Charlie got into Sam's room and made a mess and left it, he didn't want them in there, so he made this sign.  It's going to be a while before that's a problem again, so I'll leave it up, that's his space, he should have it treated respectfully, especially since I made them clean their rooms before we left for Chicago.  They were both pretty put out that the girls made messes.  So the girls can stay out for a bit, but then we'll let them go where they want, as long as they don't break anything.   They have no idea.  I get pretty put out when they make messes everywhere they go too.  But I can give them some understanding. This Time.