Monday, February 20, 2012

A Lesson Learned


You know how I said that this weekend, we were being super lazy? We were.
Flush free Friday for Chris, enhanced by the Brown Bonanza, his elementary school carnival. The boys went with Daddy for a fabulous evening out, while I had wine and whatnot at a friend's House Hunters House Party. Good Times.

So Saturday, no one felt like doing anything. Well, but sleeping. All of us napped. We had friends for dinner. More good times.

Yesterday morning, Christopher crawled into my bed, "My Tummy Hurts". Oh, yes, well, you need a flush this morning, before church, because we were tremendous slackers and didn't give you one yesterday or Friday. We've pushed the two day limit before, but we can't go much beyond that.

He didn't want a Flush.

He commenced to flipping out, and you can just imagine how well that went over at 8 a.m. We put him on the toilet, where he continued to scream and cry. I could tell by his furrowed brows that he was in pain. But when I offered him drugs, he refused. He cried and cried, and the next thing I know he was puking.


So he stayed home, and he was fair dinkum miserable most of the day. He just wanted to be cuddled, and he was pale. I know he was hurting. And I was hurting because it was all my fault. Eric said, he just didn't eat and drink enough yesterday to keep things moving. But he never eats much, just picks and pokes all day. He told us he didn't want or need a nap, he wanted to lay down in the playroom. 5 minutes later he was asleep. I don't think he slept well the night before. And he was pale, with no appetite for most of the day.

So we did a second flush. Made him angry. But it made him feel better.

He ate dinner. He watched tv. He made us crazy, and got timeouts.

It's a strange thing, how brief the recovery with the MACE. It took us years to realize that every January we ended up in the ER with Chris for constipation. Once we did, we were more diligent in the winter. With the MACE, somehow it didn't occur to me to put Winter as an added factor. Maybe he just doesn't drink enough water in winter or something. But I'm so Thankful that we had a full turnaround in 24 hours. You know how it has been rough, and when he gets knocked down, he's out of commission for a week. So Yes, it was a Lesson Learned. I can't let him go flush free 2 days in the winter. But on the other hand. Going from puking pain to annoying in 12 hours without having to do an enema (the mace flushes are kind of like an enema, but without the rear entry, and I know Chris is very grateful for that technicality)or go to the hospital was worth it.