Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Super Bowl


How we spent our Super Bowl evening. Partying at the "Maxim Party". Our friends Dan and Nancy and their son Max (Maxim) hosted their traditional fabulous Fest, made all the more awesome by being here in town.

We tried to get the boys in bed at a reasonable hour, we left at halftime. We're such fuddy duddy party poopers, but we had boys to get to school this morning. Even still, everyone was very sleepy this morning. If we couldn't have rooted for Peyton and the Colts here in town, we had a great time pulling for his brother Eli and the Giants. And Indianapolis did a Fantabulous job spicing up the city... we popped downtown last week for a drive, and took a few pictures, these were some of my favorites.

The Dinos at the Children's Museum looked Festive.

The JW Marriott gave a really great Welcome.

The roman numerals downtown.

Eric let me out of the car to rush over a take a few pictures, but I had boys that weren't up to the trip so they stayed in the car, this was about as close as they got to the numbers. Can you see them?

See, every so often I get out in front of the camera. Once a year, or whenever the Super Bowl is in town. Great Job Indianapolis! I'm so Proud!