Saturday, February 11, 2012

Wintery Roses


I received a few roses at our February MOPS meeting yesterday, and when I brought them home, I just couldn't get over how beautiful their colors. They were transitioning between pink, red, and gold. Such warm colors on a cold wintery day. Gone our our freak 50 degree days, we're back to the cold and it began to snow. So I got a little crazy taking pictures.

My light was best by the back porch.

Then I just put them on the porch. :)

And then it began to snow.

And the snowflakes turned into tiny droplets on the rose petals.

I took them for a little flower walk. And they brought my beautiful bright colored joy on a snowy afternoon.

My favorite.

After our outdoor adventures, my pretties needed to thaw out a bit.

All of these are straight off the camera, except for my watermark, except this fireplace picture, I played around with the contrast, because I felt like I was seeing too much fireplace dust, which is ironic since it is an electric fireplace, uh, from my Valentine's Day last year. :)


Unknown said...

I love the photos. I have always tried to get photos of snow flakes but haven't been successful yet. Probably has something to do wit my lense. I also love the book Snowflake Bentley

Yasher said...

Those are just gorgeous photos! I love the snowflake capture! Just wonderful shots!