Monday, February 6, 2012



How refreshing for us. Since the Super Bowl was in town, we minimized our plans, deciding the best thing for us to do was to not leave the house. This was a very good plan. Chris and Sam had been overrun, I think the last couple months with busy-ness. And I think Chris in particular needed a day off.

So Saturday, we had an All Pajama Day. It was great. Chris and Sam wanted to watch episodes of Batman: Brave and Bold, which I have to tell you is the best Batman show out there. If you haven't watched it, you need to. It's less dark than a lot of the Batman stuff, and the humor really appeals to my generation. They made a musical episode that's now my favorite. But the boys like to sit around and watch episode after episode. It's Great.

And we were Blessed with a chance to do that on Saturday.

Then the boys decided to play some Legos. Chris broke out his Lego game Minotaurus that he picked up at GenCon last summer.

The boys were a little bit stinky cute sitting around playing.

After Sam and I napped, we had Family Movie Night. Chris made tickets for us during flush time, and after supper we piled into the livingroom, handing over our tickets to see the movie UP! and curled up on the couch, lights out, with bags of popcorn.

Then off to bed, ending a Fabulous high quality family time sort of day.