Friday, February 10, 2012

Tiny Dancer


If I were to say I get a night off a week, I would say it's usually Thursday nights. Not every week, but My Book Club, Freezer Cooking Club, and Therapy are all on Thursday nights. Sometimes there is overlap, but those keep me pretty busy most Thursday nights. The last few Thursdays I've been gone when Chris goes to his Dance Class on Thursdays at 7. It's a Tap and Ballet combo class. Eric's taken some pics and video for me, and one time I was late to a meeting so I could take him, and stay for 10 minutes, but Chris has been making comments that make me feel bad, like "you Never take me to dance class". So this week, I got to take him to class, and stay and watch.

This kid is a Crazy dancer. He has the most accentuated movements in the class. And he doesn't stop moving for a moment. And he's not always doing what the rest of the other kids are doing.

But he Loves it. And I loved this opportunity to be able to share it with him. Makes me want to take ballet again.