Friday, February 17, 2012



I still feel cruddy, my back still hurts, and my neck and shoulders kill. In fact, it's getting so annoying, that what started out as mildly annoying, is now interfering with complete thoughts. I went to my chiro yesterday, and cried like a baby as he adjusted me. But I felt a bit better. Still pretty dizzy and queasy. I don't want to eat, but am because if I don't, I get the shakes. So I tried out the vertigo drugs, in case that's what's acting up. They helped a bit. The problem is I'm really stiff and sore, and when I move it shoots. But Not Moving isn't good either.

I think this Tweak is going to take a while before it really gets better. In the mean time, enjoy these pretties. I am. Much better to dwell on pretties than on the pain.

I was able to get an additional few better pictures of my Valentine's rose bouquet yesterday.

I love these alstromeria, don't you just love that hint of blue on the pollen?!

But the red velvety roses get me.


Just Beautiful.