Monday, February 27, 2012

Don't Get Sucked In


She's always been Cute. But it's really getting tricky putting up with her, with the Cone. On Monday we bought her a Cone of Shame so she wouldn't chew on her toes. She dislikes it. Greatly. And she's downright Pitiful.
She tries to slither between the table and chairs. And she gets stuck. Eric pulls the chair out, and she takes three steps forward bonking into the steps. She freezes again. It's really kind of sad. When she's coned, she is pitiful. But don't get sucked in. She blams into everything. She opens cabinet doors catching the handles. Her maddest skill is following me Everywhere, and blamming into me with the cone. I get clotheslined as the top of the cone catches me in the back of the knee, and the bottom of the cone gets me in the ankle, clipping the achilles. She can take people down with this Cone! It's kind of making me crazy. But it makes me have less pity on her. Perhaps she's preparing us, you know, for the end.

On the up side, her feet aren't bleeding as much. So it's good. She's still pretty sad though. I hope we get our answer soon. I called the vet on Friday, and they still didn't have the pathology back on her biopsy. The wound looks better, now it's the other foot that's nasty. I would like to get back to letting her eat whatever she wants. We went grain-free suspecting allergies. But if it's cancer, I want to be able to give the poor girl a waffle, and maybe say Fina, would you like syrup with that? Girl deserves a waffle.

I hate waiting.