Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Seeing Red


This morning, we had a great start as Eric broke out the new Griddler he got me, with the bonus waffle making plates, and made chocolate chip waffles for us. They were so good! Wickedly sinful and quite filling. But of course all was not perfect, having such a decadent breakfast made us a little late this morning, and while he was cooking, he set off the smoke alarm while Christopher while Christopher was buck naked. Chris freaked out, I freaked out. And my already sore neck went a little crazy, and the pain just didn't leave all day, even with a chiropractic adjustment. Eric and I had a date night, the kids went to the church Valentine's Day party, and we went to Applebee's. Even alcohol didn't take the neck pain away... I just didn't care as much. ;)

Eric got me the most beautiful bouquet for Valentine's Day. Deep red roses and purple alstromeria and some daisy cousins. I've been trying and trying to capture them on film, but just having no luck. Too much yellow coming from the overhead lights, and not enough sun outside. Bleh.

On the up side, while I was trying fruitlessly trying to capture the brilliant dark red velvet of the roses, Sam says, "Take My Picture!" So I turned, and did.

Best pic of the day. Day redeemed!


Yasher said...

Flower still looks pretty and that little smile - oh what a sweetheart!