Monday, February 27, 2012


I know that Lent should remind us of the Suffering and all, but I must confess, I'm an really enjoying what Eric and I gave up and took on for Lent. I gave up Fast Food, and cut my Starbucks, adding in some sort of Movement every day. Although most of those days that means I'm just doing the therapy exercises for my neck and shoulder blades homework that my chiropractor gave me, but they are doing a great job of preventing another major shoulder/neck spasm like the one of a week and a half ago. So I eat at home more. Not much wrong with that. Meanwhile, Eric has added the challenge of not 'Breaking the Chain', which is something that Seinfeld came up with, just commit to doing a bit a day. In Eric's case, something for the house every day. He has been getting overwhelmed by the time requirements of house projects, and he still feels like ass. He just doesn't have 8 good hours to fix the garage. But he's begun giving it a bit of time, in 1 week he got all three garage bay doors finally working! Yes, we've been here 8 months, and at any time, anyone could've waltzed right in through the garage. So Garage doors - Check!
This weekend, he took it upon himself to do a little Freezer cooking. He's been enjoying helping me out with my freezer cooking this week, for one big week of cooking, we create enough food to last us a good few weeks. It's Great!

So this month, Eric made his famous Barbecue Chicken Pizza.
It was an experiment to see if they froze. He used boboli crusts, made his famous barbecue hoisin sauce. And added carmelized onions, corn, and chicken, topping with gouda cheese. He hasn't made these in years, siting it's a lot of work for one pizza, but maybe making more of them would make it more worth the while.

Um, Yeah. He made 6 of them, but we decided we needed to see if they froze ok. You know, for Science. They did. They turned out SO GOOD. I've forgotten what a wonderful chef my husband is. Yum. Highlight of my day. It seems we have 2 types of days, Super Busy or Super Lazy. We sat around in our jammies all day on Saturday, while Eric puttered around the kitchen.

Lazy Day.


Yasher said...

Super lazy helps us recover and rejuvenate for more super busy!