Monday, February 13, 2012



Yesterday, we had a great opportunity. We were having delayed celebration of my brother in law and sister in laws birthdays. I volunteered to bring something sweet. I thought I'd make a cake. But a. I didn't have the mix, and b. a good birthday cake has food coloring in it, and we're off the colors for a while.

I settled on chocolate. In brownie form.

And I had two very happy helpers eager to help me prepare them yesterday morning.

Aren't they just the sweetest?!

They shared the job of making the brownies. And as is tradition, one MUST taste to make sure the batter is good enough to serve.

It was. ;)

The boys went to town as we gave Sam the spatula and Chris the bowl. I guess I can't ever have more kids, how would be split up the cooking utensils?!

My favorite. Sam's like, what you talkin' 'bout Daddy, you Not washing my spatula. I can't even begin to write down what Sam was calling the spatula, but it was toddler-ese. And hysterical.

I cut the brownies into heart shapes when they were cool, and we served them up. But as you can imagine there weren't many left. And the orts made a fine breakfast. ;)