Monday, February 20, 2012



I'd like to say I'm feeling fabulous, but this weekend was spent pretty much taking it easy. A state of recovery, from the carnage of the week. Nothing Fancy. Because I didn't feel like it. And neither did Eric. And neither Fina. We just wanted to chill.

However, we had planned on having friends come over for dinner on Saturday. I didn't want to cancel. I had been wanting this playdate for the whole family for a while, just hadn't scheduled it forever. And I didn't want to cancel. So I pulled a freezer cooking meal, and had Eric prepare some kid friendly sides. Bless Him, he's so wonderful. The boys and I napped and it was very casual. Except for the China dishes. The grownups ate with the china.

I find it so great to be able to break out our wedding china when we have company. Frankly, it is special enough when we have company to eat on the good dishes. And after having them boxed up for 13 years, it does my heart so much good to let them see the light of day. Of course the kids aren't allowed to eat on them. The kids sat in the kitchen at the kids table. I really adore having a kids table. We actually got to TALK with our friends. Mighty refreshing!

And the kids had a great time playing, and so did we. And I didn't even care that there was strawberry soup everywhere, and Sam had macaroni cheese in his hair.

Nor did I care that they had upended toys and light brites all over our closet.