Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It's all about the Sweets


Happy Valentine's Day!

Today was a wonderful day. I know there's a lot of folks out there that don't buy into all the hubbub, that say this is a Hallmark Holiday, made up for the spending of money. Sure, that's True.

But it's also a time that forces people, like me, to Stop. To Stop and treasure who or what they love. And I love my boys. And on days like this, we remember to show that, rather than just say it. It means more, it's not just out of reflex or something, it's taking charge of that love, and sharing it.

And in spite of being schnookered into this 'holiday', it makes me feel good to show my love for others, and to get love in return. We've been studying the 5 Love Languages for Children in a bible study that I'm doing. They are: Gifts, Words of Affirmation, Deeds, Physical Touch, and Quality Time. From what I'm able to get out of it, we fill up their Love bucket by dipping into all of the languages, but most especially their strongest languages. If we all have full love buckets (my term not theirs) it's easier to live, to handle relationships, cope in daily life etc. I am a Gifts sort of girl. So holidays that involve giving, well, they make me feel loved, and I tend to go a bit crazy for the people I love. Christopher is a Quality Time and Physical Touch kid. So, for example, we start every morning we start off the day with Snuggles. Technically, we're not supposed to be able to tell until they are 5, but so far Sam seems to go for Words of Affirmation. I can't even tell you how many times, I get "I love you Mommy." or "Mommy I love you." when I'm trying to get Sam to do something. I always respond that I love him too, but he still needs to put his shoes on. Or he'll start the I love you vs. I love you More contest.
It's usually a draw.

Anyway, the boys were on Extra Adorable duty today, as they presented me with their present to me. A Blanket that says, "Snuggling with my Sweetboys." It's a blanket with Chris and Sam's faces, Eric said Chris picked out the picture. And when I put it on the floor to take a picture, Sam jumped on and said This is Me!

The boys loved their slap bracelet watches from us too.

But they were adorable as we sent them off to school for their respective Valentine parties.

Sam's school first, and Chris's school in the afternoon.

Meanwhile, Mommy got to play with her bestie, and we hit up the Starbucks for pink drinks. ;) Raspberry White Mocha for me, and Raspberry Cocoa for Kathleen. Yum Yum!

After schools we joined up for a joint V-day celebration, with heart shaped pizza at Monical's, and their cheese bread, which I swear I think they put crack in the crusts.

But it has just been a wonderful day, we got to spend it with our loved ones, and had a great time, and probably had a bit more Red Dye 40 than we should. If anything, this holiday makes it clear, we're all a little sensitive to it. But even with the crazy, our sweeties were still plenty sweet.

Watch out for the Red, especially these little Red Devils. ;)


Andrea said...

Hannah's is gifts. She loves making pictures for people and giving them things. I have to limit the pictures she makes for her teacher to one every 2 weeks. She loves it when I make her things like little books, cookies, etc. I am glad that I read this book though because I might have been worried that I was teaching her the wrong thing when she wrote "I love my mommy because she buys me things" last year on her Mother's Day card to me. LOL. Hailey is too young to tell, although she is so cuddly that I wouldn't be suprised if hers ends up as physical touch or quality time.