Monday, January 16, 2012

Not too late to get Resolved

With everything that was going on, I didn't make any New Year's Resolutions.

So I'll make a little one. I'm going to get better with all the stuff that I was striving to do last year. I really fully intended to back track and fill in all the monthly updates that I didn't continue throughout the year. Alas. It's midway through January, I don't think all three of you that read care about what I did in June. Though this blog also doubles as my journal and photo albums, so I really should get cracking.

My goal this year will be to take one picture a day, and hopefully post a blog to either here or the boys' blogs at least once a week. I also want to get healthy, get my family healthy, boys get bigger, me get smaller. And finish a 5K in less than 45 minutes. Reasonable, right? Right.

I have been taking pictures, so here you go. Let's get caught up!


Happy New Year! We started the new year right, taking my sweetboys to Orange Leaf, the scrumdidlyumptious frozen yogurt shop that just opened up on the corner.

These were all our goodies. Best choice goes to Eric! Fruity Pebbles, who knew?!


The Big Surprise! We surprised the kids with a trip to Walt Disney World! Best Surprise Ever! And Chris's dance of joy made it all worth it, well, the trouble of keeping the secret, not everything we'd been through the last year or so.


There are only about a thousand pictures that could symbolize this day. I took a ton, but I'm going to try to post pictures I haven't already posted when I blogged about our trip to Disney World. Going to try anyway. ;)


Since we did two different things on this day, going to Hollywood Studios as a group during the day, then going on our hot date at California Grill and hopping over to Magic Kingdom, I opted to chose one picture from each.


And the kids had so much energy, they pushed on. Above, the Julius girls all three making a mad dash for the Magic Kingdom. Below, the boys find this days theme is Hurry up and Wait. We did so much, we conquered a good chunk of Magic Kingdom and knocked out Hollywood Studios. It was Awesomely Exhausting.


Our Goal Accomplished! Kathleen and I run in a 5K. Not just any 5K, but the Walt Disney Fiesta Family Fun Run! When the running was rough, we pictured running under this giant ball.

And we did it!


Another amazing day in Disney World, spending time with each other, seeking new stars, experiencing new worlds.

And Finding Joy.


Suspicions confirmed, that I married a Goofy man.


Recovering. We stayed in our jammies all day. We thought this was going to be a unique and novel thing.


This is Sam.

This is Sam sick. He came home with the snoochies. Tuesday morning he puked. We stayed home in our Jammies all day, and he watched a lot of tv. He fell asleep on the couch later that morning. And he was watching here about lunchtime, and just drooling a puddle. He seemed to feel better by evening, though, Good enough to get a little annoying. Tuesday evening, however, I started getting a tickle in my throat and a runny nose....


Cheating a little here. I started to get sick Wednesday too, a bad cold, lots of sneezing, snots and watery eyesso we only went to Chris's doctor's appointments at Riley and came home. The kids were the only ones with energy. Eric found this in Fina's crate.


I didn't take any pictures, just this one video, which is too big apparently to put on here, because I felt terrible. Thank you Walt Disney World for all your fabulous cooties.

Eric on the other hand took these photos of Christopher's first Dance Class.

He gets two kinds: tap AND ballet! And he loves it!


By Friday, I was a hot mess. I couldn't think a clear thought. Except that my head was exploding when I coughed. So I called the doctor. We also had to take Fina to the vet. So between these errands, I found the need to stop for a drink, hot cocoa at Bob Evans sounded good, because it had snowed all night, and it was Cold outside.
Turns out Bob Evans has a couple of pretty little blue spruces right out front, and Sam was happy to play in the freshly shoveled snow.

I had bronchitis, and got started on drugs right away. And Eric came home feeling terrible.


One of the errands I ran on Friday was popping by Kathleen's, (We hadn't seen each other in a whole 5 days!) to pick up the Christmas ornament we ordered in Disney World. Luckily (?) since Eric was feeling terrible too, neither of us had taken any of the Christmas things down, except the outdoor lights over New Years weekend, when it was 50 outside. So I got the chance to put our new ornament on the tree!

We got it personalized with 2012 painted on with pixie dust, and it turned out so pretty!


I have a guard boxer. This is her new favorite spot. Fina can see anyone that comes and goes here.

I am glad she prefers this spot to my bed, she kept peeing in it. She hasn't done that here, yet. She's got some nasty rashies on her feet, and we've begun ruling out a food allergy, a fancy new food and a new antibiotic. She's becoming a little expensive boxer in her old age.


Finally feeling better and the weather not as bitter cold, Chris requested that we go outside and play for a bit this morning.

Great idea!

The snow was melting, so it was great for making snowballs. I taught Chris how to make them. Then we practiced throwing them.

Some hot cocoa and we feel much better now.


Yasher said...

Glad you're starting to feel better! I'm telling you, it's airplanes! You're cooped up with sick people and get it! Love the Disneyland ornament and as always, I enjoy your photos! I don't mind one bit if you don't go back and update, though I understand exactly why you're doing it, as I'm trying to go back and update Weeb's! Wishing you luck and health! :)