Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Disney World, Day 2, January 3rd

Our first day inside the parks was one we couldn't wait to start. Though we were all up and at'em early, it takes a lot to get 10 people moving in the morning. Mom W. was wonderful and showed up at 8 with groceries so we didn't have to pack as much, and so we could have breakfast in the villa. Bless her. And we were so excited that she was going to stay and play with us in the Magic Kingdom all day.

We didn't make it quite in time for the opening show, but we got there just after 9 and in time to catch an early visit to Mickey and Minnie.

After waiting in the line a while (25 minutes) Sam was about done, so he wasn't very interested in being social to Mickey and Minnie. But Mickey wouldn't have that. So he started poking towards Sam, making gestures, and getting smiles. But what really got Sam laughing was when the two of them (Mickey and Sam) bumped noses. Adorable.

On our way out of Mickey's Magic Hall, we stopped to say hello to Pluto. The boys got the biggest kick out of Pluto having to sign their books on his giant nose. But I don't think he could see around it otherwise. You can't see very well, that Chris is laughing hysterically here, except for the crooked angle of his head, trust me he was.

This was my favorite picture of the day. It's Kathleen and Sarah as we waited in the line for It's a Small World. They were checking out the giant clock, that we were standing underneath while we waited.

Mike made me laugh when he lifted his arms and Woo'd as we started It's a Small World. I know it's cheesy, but it's one of our favorite rides, really a favorite for the whole family. Something so Peaceful about it. Last time we were here, we hid the little ones away from the fireworks by going to this ride, it's underground, you can't hear the fireworks, totally safe for the yahoos. However this time, it was the middle of the day, super crowded, and yet there was still something peaceful about it. I read Going Bovine a while back, and this kid nearly dies on the ride because he thought it was Heaven. I can see that. There's just Something about it.

Aft lunch at Pinocchio's house, all of us took spins in the honey pot on the Winnie the Pooh ride. There was a time a few months back, when Sam didn't recognize who Tigger was. Thankfully, all that video watching paid off, Sam knew exactly who the characters were.

We used Christopher's Special pass for the first time on Peter Pan. Oh, I didn't tell you about the Special Assistance Card. I read that there was a special pass that Special Needs kids could get if they had a prescription for behavioral issues. So before we left town I had Dr. Z write on a script that Chris had PDD-NOS, ADHD, ODD, hearing loss in his right ear, and Imperferate Anus. I figured that would cover all our bases. It did. I took our script to the Guest Services desk just inside the gate at Magic Kingdom, in the Town Hall (though you can do this at any park) They thanked me for getting the script and gave me a little piece of paper, that said Special Guest pass. It's the handicapped pass, or Autism pass, they use the same thing whatever your disability. The great thing about this pass is that it enables you to get into the shorter line, or to go through the exit if you're in a wheelchair. We just showed it to any castmember, and they would help us. We didn't want to use it much, because we don't want to take advantage of the system. And at first I was against it, if only because I didn't want others to think we were milking the system, then I read this letter of a parent of an ADHD kid. They were using the pass, and going in the handicapped line. They got glared and mumbled at by another parent. She opened her mouth and said, I tell you what, I'll gladly trade for a healthy child and I'll wait in Disney's longest line and be Grateful. If you have a Special Needs child, get the pass, even if you don't use it, it's worth the bit of extra work at the beginning to have it, Just in Case. Oh and headphones. Mike bought the boys some headphones for Christmas on line, they were also a godsend. When we got to the Peter Pan ride earlier, they were all sold out of Fastpasses, and we couldn't wait 120 minutes. It got us right into the FastPass line, and we were riding Peter Pan in 20 minutes. Not to mooch the system, but Thank You DisneyWorld! My kid loved Peter Pan!

After Peter Pan, the big kids and I hopped on the Carousel. Eric and Mom turned away, anything that spins makes them both queasy.

The kids found the Sword in the Stone! Look at their collective strength. They reported that they even got it to wiggle a bit!

Grandma joined us for Pirates of the Carribbean. It turns out Chris is fearless. The things that scare Emily, Chris finds AWESOME!!!

After Pirates, we tootled down Main St. heading back to the hotel for naps... though it took us an hour to leave the park. So many temptations. ;)

We got distracted by characters, the kids favorite thing to do was get autographs, so the kids got their pictures taken with Pinocchio and Daisy Duck.

On our way back to the hotel for naptime, we got caught in the midst of a parade. There were two bands: the Naperville high school band and the Disney Band, followed by the Celebrations Parade. Since 60% of the adults in our group had marched in Disney with Parades, we stopped, and watched, and teared up. And what better to watch a parade than with some hot fresh popcorn. The kids were Thrilled. Just when we thought they were exhausted and couldn't take anymore they pulled out extra sweetness for a parade.

Emily was thrilled when a float came by that had Wendy AND Alice on it. Unfortunately, it was the only time we got to see Wendy.

Chris got up close and personal with Mr. Incredible.

For real this time, we went home for a nap.

The kids were so worn out that when we felt like we needed to leave at 5, they were still all unconscious. So Mom and I got a wild hair, we decided to make a mad dash to Hollywood Studios to see the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights, just the two of us, and we'd meet everyone else at the Grand Floridian. We had two hours, and bus transportation was sketchy at best. However, since we stayed on site, Mom had a parking pass, and a rental car, so we drove. We got great parking, got in, saw the lights, watched them to a show for Jose Feliciano's Feliz Navidad. Still Awesome!

And it was the first time Mom had been in this park, and we'd gotten the park hopper for her, so we Hopped. And we just HAD to stop at the Hat for the traditional picture.

We dashed back like maniacs to the Grand Flo, even though public parking is way down in bfe, we got lucky hooking up with an employee in a golf cart, giving a fellow castmember a ride. We arrived with 1 minute to spare. The rest of our family however was 30 minutes late, because they had to wait for 45 minutes for a Magic Kingdom bus. God Bless the kids for handling it wonderfully.
We had dinner at 1900 Park Fare, which had a scrumptious buffet, and where we got to meet Cinderella and her whole family including, Prince Charming. As it turns out Prince Charming is really, well, quite Charming. :)

I was taking pictures when Prince Charming came around. There was so much ambient noise I couldn't hear much. But Kathleen got this video of them, and though it's hard to hear.

They had a very powerful moment. The prince asked what Chris was Celebrating, since he was wearing an I'm Celebrating pin. It's a long story, not easy to answer, but we abbreviated to being All Done with surgeries for a while. The MACE procedure should be his last surgery for a while. This impressed the prince, he said, well, the fairy godmother tells me Celebration times is a great time to make your wishes come true, so make lots of Wishes, and that he was so glad he had joined them on this evening. Then as they posed for pictures, he told Chris to stand tall like a brave knight, since he heard he conquered so much so Bravely in your day. (It amazes me how people quickly can pick right up on Christopher's bravery and strength as soon as they meet him and learn his story.) Then before he left he stepped down to talk to him. He told him, "You know, Courage helped me make my dreams come true. I was able to find my beautiful princess; I din't even have her name I had the Courage to look for her just with her shoe, and it worked out well for me. I'm glad to see you have so much Courage too."

Yeah, it made Eric cry. And me too, every time I watch the video; I didn't cry at the time, just was impressed when he took a moment with him, but when I heard what I said, I can't help tear up every time.

The Stepmother was very prim and proper showing the kids just how ladies and gentleman should stand. The prince showed Christopher too, so when she started to prime Chris, Chris stood us just like the Prince showed him. My Handsome Sweet Prince!

Chris and Emily with Anastasia. Can you believe they hire these pretty girls to portray the wicked stepsisters? Can you imagine getting hired, only to find out you are a stepsistyugler? Well, these ladies did the role so Wonderfully, I was thoroughly impressed, and made the characters so loveable that frankly I wondered why these gals were still single.

Sam and Drizella had a moment. It was lovely.

The whole family at our table at 1900 Park Fare. Awesome!

What an Amazing end to an Awesome day!


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