Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Latest Character Meet and Greet


No, not another Disney picture. We didn't go back or anything crazy. We went to The Children's Museum, to meet Mr. Potato Head!

They just opened a new Adventures of Mr. Potato Head exhibit. And we snagged some members only free tickets to meet the big guy.

The exhibit replaces the Frogs thing they were doing there, which my little ones didn't like. This one, they like! There's tons of hands on stuff to play with, on, all over.

Mr. Potato Head in the jungle, underwater...

Chris's favorite was Potatoes In Space.

After Potato time, we grabbed a snack, and in the lobby they had a table where we could make flags for nonverbal communication. Chris thought it was pretty cool. See the Letter C!

And on to Dinosaurs!

Sam does a little digging for dinosaurs. But then he took his goggles off and had a tantrum.

Chris just flits and floats, dig a little, run a little, crazy crazy.

But they played together sweetly by the trains. For a minute or two.

Then we were on our merry way. Sam and Daddy raced up the ramp as we left. Sam Won! We were proud, but this was the first time we had gotten a chance to do something like this here in town in a while. And on a Saturday? When the Super Bowl is going to be here next week. Pure Madness!