Sunday, January 29, 2012

Scrappy Times


Kind of a wacky hodge podge of weirdness type of day today. Sam woke me last night, and I was up half the night. My wonderful husband let me go back to bed after the boys got up, and he even got them dressed, and ran Chris over to church. He returned home to me, armed with Starbucks to help me get going for the day.
It was Great! We enjoyed church, the boys behaved. We got to visit with our friends Emilie and Brian and have lunch, very overdue. They recently set the date for their Wedding, they're getting married on New Year's Eve. WOOHOO! So we gabbed about wedding planning. How Exciting! Brings me back to my newly affianced days. Ahhh... Remember the Love?! True, it came in the form of an early nap and Starbucks this morning, but remember the mooshy squooshies days when we were first falling in love. We were gross, all sickeningly sweet, and together. I just love being around people like that again. And Emilie and Brian are so sweetly in fresh new love, it's Infectious! After lunch, we went to Orange Leaf for Frozen Yogurt dessert, and more gossiping about wedding and honeymoon plans. If only Orange Leaf could cater their wedding!

My wonderful husband has really let me get caught up on some much lost sleep this weekend. Bless Him. He even captured this great photo of me and Sam while we were at Orange Leaf earlier. I love it.

We came home, and did some quality time, well, the boys played Lego Batman the Video Game, while I watched, and the boredom gently lulled me to sleep. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon.

Then I spent the evening digitally scrapbooking. :) I think I'm really enjoying my new hobby. The MyMemories SpeedScrap tonight was a hard one, my 'homework assignment' was to use 6 pictures, 12 embellishments, and 4 different papers. Can you spot them all? It's insane. And yet... kind of fun.