Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Snappiest


This week Christopher's school is celebration being voted a 4 star school. Combined with the Super Bowl Mania as Indianapolis is having the Super Bowl in town it's a Super week! Yesterday he dressed in his Bulldog gear, his purple bulldog t-shirt.

Today's theme was to dress as Dr. Snapp, the Superintendent of the School Corporation. They even showed a picture of him with glasses, suit and tie. Chris was convinced he needed to borrow my glasses. We were able to talk out of that, but he still got pretty dolled up by borrowing a tie from Daddy.
We tolk him he looked pretty Snappy. (Get it, Snappy? Dr. Snapp. Ha Ha!)
Anyway, Sam disagreed. He said he was Snappy.
No, yelled Chris. I am Snappier!

Finally, Eric screams, "Boys! BOYS! You're Both Snappy!"

And with that, they posed for a picture for me, Who's the Snappiest?!