Sunday, January 15, 2012

Disney World, Day 5, January 6th 5K RACE

Happy Epiphany! This was pretty much an epiphany for us too. We couldn't believe we were really here! 6 months ago, would you have thought that I would have been capable of running a 5K? Nope. I spent over half my life thinking I was unfit for running, until my friend Karin schnookered me into it. Now, crazy of crazies, I enjoy it! Who would have thought of that? Let alone that we would be getting up ass early on a Saturday morning to do it. On Purpose! It was Early.

So Early that I couldn't deduce between the video and picture taking buttons on my little point and shoot camera. Kathleen and I got up about dark thirty to catch a bus to the race. We 'warmed up' walking to the Hospitality House before hopping a bus to Epcot. Although our race started in the Epcot Parking Lot. There was actually a fair bit of walking before our run actually began, that was good. It kept us warm.

I'm particularly Thankful to my husband who picked us up some disposable 'tear-away' jackets and pants to keep us warm. It was 40 degrees. Standing around was Cold. But we had music to pep us up, and we bumped into a gal that went to school with Kathleen and I, younger than I, who was going to do the Goofy Challenge. These young wipper-snappers today.

We heard the Three Caballeros singing and announcing the start. There was a moment, when a wave of silence came over the crowd. We were way in the back, when we heard it, a lone voice singing the National Anthem. 8000 people silenced in a moment, it was pretty Awesome. Tears came to my eyes. Then Snap, the crowd started moving. should have had fireworks, but they didn't go off until we were a quarter mile away. I think we may have inadvertantly gotten started in the first wave of runners, because we got Passed. A lot. But that was ok, we found a pace that worked for us, for a while. Until we had to pee. ;) All that standing around you know, you'd think we would've gone before. We did. We just had to go again right after we crossed the start line.

Once back in the race, we circled through the parking lot, to an area around back of Future World, you know, secret back doors, delivery trucks, trashcans. Yeah. Not so exciting to look at. But then we went through an alley, and Bam, we popped out in Mexico of World Showcase.

Then we circled around the lake. We even stopped outright to get our picture taken with Mulan and Shang. Frankly, I found this stop appropriate, since his song "I'll make a man out of you" could be an exercise Anthem! (Be a man)...We must be swift as the coursing river.... With all the force of a great typhoon... With all the strength of a raging fire
Mysterious as the dark side of the moon!

Yeah, that's us all over! Maybe I'm more of Abu sort of gal.

I was feeling good and strong for a while, but stopping and starting with crowds I just wasn't used to was taking it's toll. And since we'd all been sick the week between Christmas and new years, we hadn't had a good run since before Christmas. This wasn't really a Good Run. It was too much fun to be a good run.

What this was wasn't our goal, we'd met our Goal. We'd done 5K at home, we'd made it the 3.1 miles. This was our Reward too! We could enjoy the view, and take a little pride in all that we'd accomplished.

It was a Fun Run. We ended up slowing to walking, or jogging in most places. So about halfway around I realized that I needed to just jog about, relax, and enjoy the scenery.

Mickey was even out to cheer us on! So we had to stop again for a picture with Mickey too, of course.

Kathleen and I ran underneath the Epcot ball, Spaceship Earth. This served as our Vision while we were training. It was better in reality!

We weren't fast. There was running, walking, moseying, stopping, and of course photo sessions, and lines. But it was so Cool!

I can't even say that the best part was Crossing the Finish Line!

The whole thing was just so cool. Well, a little less so once we stopped moving. We had to truck around to the Start line to find The Three Caballeros. It's hard to tell by our shirts read, Las Dos Caballeras. The two cowgirls. More like the two crazy runner girls, but I didn't have the shirts say that. Maybe next time. We found the characters for our race, and Jose was pretty stoked about our shirts, he pointed it out wordlessly to Panchito, and everyone was happy. Us included.

One last cheesy photo op. It's a good thing Kathleen loves me and tolerates me stopping to take pictures all the time. I think we probably could've done our race in less than an hour without all the photo stopping. Oh well. I'd rather have the photos. :)

Happy and Exhausted, we literally caught the last bus home. Literally. We had to show the guy where we were staying, they'd brought in other bus drivers, and this guy had been doing a different route. We had an entire charter bus to ourselves, and we're leaning over giving the guy directions. Blind leading the blinder. With a spanish accent. The rest of our crew was still in their jammies when we got home, which allowed us time to get cleaned up.

Eric was making fun of me for my post-race bath, soaking in our fancy villa bathtub, bubbles overflowing, all lined with Pixar tub toys. Ahh...

Now to just Sit Back and Relax. And wonder....

What will we do next?