Saturday, January 14, 2012

Disney World, Day 4, January 5th

We had to stop at the front desk on our way out of the parks on Thursday morning, to print off some paperwork for the races. Eric, Kathleen, and I all were sending Eric off to ESPN to pick up our packets, much easier for 1 person to go than for all 9 of us. But to send an ambassador we had to have our driver's licenses copies and some affidavit filled out, etc. While we did paperwork, the kids had a great time watching Mickey cartoons in at the Hospitality House. What a perk!

After that it was off to Magic Kingdom once again. Still didn't make Opening, but we didn't care. We had some things on our list today, that we Needed to cross off, things neglected from other days' visits. First up on the list, was for the girls, they wanted to meet the Princesses. The line was particularly nasty, like an hour, when we came by. Chris's pass doesn't work on meet and greets, and the kids need to be in great moods for an hour long wait. As it was only a half an hour, we were happy. Sam got a little punchy in the line though.

By the time we got up to the Princesses, Sam only cared about getting signatures for his book, not really into spending quality time with the ladies.

Chris and the girls were in hog heaven though. Amazingly enough, Kristin wasn't afraid of the princesses. She had been terrified off all the big headed characters, like Mickey. So she was happy to join us with a little cheese with Princess Aurora.

Chris told me his favorite princess was Belle, because she has a Yellow dress.

The twins were very interested in Cinderella's shoes. They really wanted to see her glass slippers. She told us they were in her castle, she wore the silver ones instead.

One of the rides that Emily really wanted to do was Thunder Mountain Railroad. It's a Train roller coaster, and last time we came Christopher was too small. It's in the back of the park, and this time Chris was tall enough to ride. Since the Littles wouldn't be allowed to do the train coaster, we thought they'd love to ride the Train that circles the park. There's a Station at the very front, on Main Street, and a stop in the back of the park by Thunder Mountain Railroad and Splash Mountain. So the menfolk dragged the strollers up the stairs and up onto the train, so the kids could ride the train. And they Loved it!

Once we got into Frontierland, it ended up being hog heaven for the kids. The boys ran for Fastpasses for Thunder Mountain Railroad, and we found a little playground by the restrooms, called The Laughing Place. Perfect considering Splash Mountain, a ride for the movie Song of the South was right around the corner. But even better because all 5 yahoos played happily and crazily in the laughing place.

On a run to the restroom, I found Jesse. Emily had been Jesse for Halloween last year, and she was her favorite character.

After we met Jesse, and the Littles were happily playing, Mike, Chris and I hopped on Splash Mountain. The line was short, and the weather was getting warmer, so we figured, let's do it!

We did, and it was Great! We only got slightly wet, so we continued on down the path to check off one of Kathleen's Must-Do's: The Jungle Cruise. I don't think I'd ever ridden it. And that was a shame, because it was Lovely. Granted, there was a certain element of Cheese, but it was cool, relaxing, painless, and the kids were interested enough in the goings on, that it was kind of Quiet. Something we'll repeat!

Then it was back to Thunder Mountain Railroad. Emily and Christopher got to ride it twice with the Rider swap and Fastpass. And it turns out I'm old. It was fun, but wowza. That's about all the roller coaster my back can handle anymore.

And wouldn't you know it, my son is Fearless. He thought these roller coaster rides were "AWESOME!!!" We're going to be in trouble. On that note, we hopped on the train, and back to the front for naps. While we napped, Eric ran for our bibs etc. Mike and Emily had some Quality Time. And we took the yahoos back for naps. But they got a little crazy on the bus, showing us their bellies. Silly but sweet!

After naps we packed up the yahoos and took them over to Hollywood Studios. (Hooray for Park Hopper!) Chris made sure we brought Duffy with us.

Our first stop was to hit the Playhouse Disney show. We were doing it mostly for the Littles: Sam, Sarah, and Kristin, because they watch the Disney morning lineups. However when we got all the kids in there, they all loved the show.

After that, we dashed around the corner to meet The Incredibles! Mike had picked out our Incredibles shirts for this trip, which we all loved. We got a lot of comments about what an Incredible Family we were. They had no idea. But we got in to meet Mr. Incredible with 15 minutes to spare. And Mr. Incredible loved our shirts too!

We are a pretty Incredible Family!

We got to visit Fantasia Mickey too.

As usual Sam was snitsy when we visited with Mickey, but Mickey took it upon himself to cheer up Sam. He did so with nose bumps and fist bumps. Fantasia Mickey does a very cool fist bump. He bumped fists with Sam, then opened his hand in a firework. Very Cool. And of course, it made Sam smile. Even cooler. Good job Mickey.

I just loved this picture of Best Buds.

After our meet and greets when popped on over to the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights. For Kathleen. We had thought they were going to shut it down on Tuesday night, so we planned on taking Kathleen and Mom down to see it on our first night before our dinner reservations. Blessedly, they extended it a bit, so we got to go through with the kids, and enjoy it. They make it snow, by sprinkling soapy bubbles down upon us. So Beautiful!

After that Chris was requesting one more ride on Toy Story Mania! So Mike and I took Chris and Emily on Chris's Pass, while the others got started waiting in line to meet Buzz and Woody across the street. We had a great run! Being in that line with Chris, and seeing him so happy, really made me cherish him all the more. He's such a Joy.

The others held us a spot for us, which ended up being very good, because we ended up being the last family in line to meet Buzz and Woody. This line isn't so bad to wait in, because they have lots of things to keep the kids entertained. Buzz and Woody are hands down, my children's favorite Disney Characters.

5 yahoos in a Buzz Box.

And the sweetest little alien you ever saw.

Oh no! Emily got herself strapped to a rocket.

And a box full of yahoos with Stinky Pete.

Who you callin' Stinky?

Meeting Buzz and Woody ended up being being a perfect end to our evening. It was going to be an early morning for Kathleen and I the next day, so we went home and crashed with the kiddos. And it was Good.


amypfan said...

I need to stop reading your blog. It makes me want to go to Disney World SO BAD. I'm kind of depressed right now that a trip is nowhere in our future.