Saturday, January 1, 2011

In with the New

I must confess. I'm a little excited NOT to post any pictures today. I did it. I fulfilled last year's New Year's Resolution, take a picture everyday and blog about it. Sometimes I had to play catch up when I didn't have time to blog about the picture of the day, but I did DO it. But it got grinding, kind of mundane. Some days were better than others, and some days I felt like I HAD to take a picture, not because I wanted to, but because it was the Thing we were doing that day, and I "Needed" it. Like Homework. Usually I am not a fan of Homework. But it felt like last year's resolution was just mindless work, not bettering my Mind.
If you read yesterday's opus, you know that this year, I'm going to be all about Bettering Myself. By Bettering Myself I can be a Better Person, Mother, child of God.
A friend of mine blogged monthly updates the first of each month last year about how she was coming with her resolutions. I like that, and am going to borrow that.
So here are this year's New Year's Resolutions.

1. Read the Bible - Started with Genesis 1-3, and my friend's study is underway...and I was even able to start that today. Wahoo!

2. Go back to Choir - Well, tomorrow is Sunday. I should be making the rehearsal!

3. Join a Gym - Wouldn't you know, the gym I wanted to join is closed this week for the holidays, so I'll be joining up this coming week, officially. However, I did hop on the old Wii Fit Plus this morning and exercise for 36 minutes, broke a sweat and all, felt all kinds of Productive!

4. Take a Photography Class - Dad has given me my first assignment, to pick my top 10 photos, for analysis, and I'm in the process of perusing 2010's pictures, maybe I'll post my favs here.

5. Get Boys Healthy - As the boys sit snacking on snappea crisps, I rejoice they are eating something Green. Both boys have appointments in March with Developmental Pediatrics, and are on their lists for something better and sooner. Chris has a follow up appointment later in January with Urology, we'll see how that goes, and he'll likely get his MACE in May or June.