Saturday, January 21, 2012

Conclusions from Rainbow Poos


Have you ever heard of the Feingold diet? Interesting thing, my friend Amy posted a link to a blog she stalks, the woman has 8 children and people call her crazy. She homeschools and does the Feingold diet, but it has worked wonderfully with her ADHD son's behavior. Huh? A crazy boy's behavior improving with diet? I've heard of this miraculous rumor before. So I hopped online and started doing a little research. Turns out kids with sensitivities to artificial colors have behavioral issues or rashy bottoms. Well, I have been prayerfully considering it, and trying to make mental notes while I consider if this is the right way to go for us.

So, Thursday Chris came home with 100 fruity o's that he wanted to pound down for a snack. That made Sam want some too. I had been refraining giving them to him for a while since I'd read that link, I was testing I guess. Not consciously, but kind of. So then Sam wanted some, we had a half a bag, of the generics. So I let them have them. Well, Chris was a hot mess for me for the next two hours, I got called "BAD MOMMY!" And we had to have some come-to-Jesus kinds of discussions. But I was actually proud of myself I didn't beat him senseless.

Sam was fine, just his normal bitchy self when he needs to eat more fat and protein. I've come to expect that from Sam. When his sugar nose dives it gets Ugly. Gets that from me and my mother I guess. We don't do well when we're hungry.

But then yesterday he was Fine.

Until we went to the library, and he'd had some juice as a snack. Well, it went Right through him, filling his diaper three times with foulness whose like I have not seen since Chris's ostomy days. And the color: Green. Bright green. oh my word, I'm gagging just writing about it.

By the time we got home, the pantless wonder's bottom was bright red, rashy, and starting to a little bloody.

OK. There's my sign, as I threw him in the tub. No more Fruity O's for Sam.

(picture Not taken by me)

And I threw them away.

Sam in the meantime enjoyed a wonderful bath, in the middle of the day, All By Himself.

Good Times.

His bottom looks much better today since we slathered him up with Desitin. :)